Monday, May 4, 2015

Sharpton's A FOOL!

In addition to being the consummate extremist, he's a fool in the bargain, too. He wants (like fat boy Michael Moore, who never got off his butt and “earn” an honest dollar in his life) the cops to be disarmed, giving the crooks and criminals everything they want to be able to “run roughshod” over unarmed, and thus defenseless citizens. And he also wants us to “throw open” the prison doors and let all the CONVICTED criminals out to make even MORE criminals able to take advantage of us. And the Baltimore mayor is LISTENING to the words of this “race whore.”

BLACK LIVES MATTER!” Yes, they do. But white lives matter, too. And Chinese lives. Yes, even Muslim lives. Those that belong to those Muslims NOT killing innocent people and CHILDREN (if you can figure out who they are), that is. Those lives matter too (the ones doing the killing), but in a different way. Those lives matter because those people no longer have a right to BE alive. But the point is, ALL lives matter, EXCEPT for those taking lives unnecessarily. It should not be that black lives are separated from those of others in being worthwhile. Period. Saying black lives alone matter is racist.

WHIPPING UP RACISM:  To take the most advantage of the crisis, one of the lesser known race whores got hold of Trayvon Martin's mother and is bringing her to Baltimore (who's paying her airfair?) to “race bait” against white cops. What would have happened if some white people had “raised money” publicly to pay the bail to get those white cops out of jail? All kinds of chaos, rioting, and looting, of course, and the very action of raising bail would have been called racism, of course. But it doesn't seem to work the other way around, which confirms that “the powers that be” want it that way. I get so tired of this crap! And everybody's a “pastor.”

TYPICAL LIBERAL CRAP: Al Sharpton, whose opinion means NOTHING to me, but a lot to the racist fools running things in Baltomore and DC, agrees with Obama's UNCONSTITUTIONAL call for a national police force. One of the things the Founders feared most was a national police force, and they were right to do so. And they PROHIBITED it in the Constitution. So Obama wants to create one, Constitution be damned! When has Obama ever cared about the Constitution?

ANOTHER COP SHOT IN NY: Black racist activists in New York City will no doubt demonstrate for the state to “go easy” on the guy who shot him because “he was so abused” in the past. Nowhere will anybody say anything about cops being “quicker on the trigger” trying to stay alive in this racist atmosphere with blacks calling for cops to be shot and killed and FOOLS like “fat boy” Michael Moore and racist whore Al Sharpton calling for them to be DISARMED, signing their death warrants.

SOME MUSLIMS”: Word is, “Some Muslims consider cartoons of “the Prophet” to be something to KILL over.” Which is why some Muslims attacked people at Pamela Geller's “Muslim Art” gathering the other day. But that statement is as wrong as are many statements about Muslims. ALL Muslims are against depictions of the “Prophet” because it's in the KORAN! Maybe some of them wouldn't KILL over it, but it IS something they ALL hate. I like Pamela Geller. She's a “fearless opposer” of Muslim terrorism. But this may have been a “bit much,” knowing, as I'm sure she does, how mad her exhibit would make Muslims. Exposing their perfidies is one thing. Taunting them over one of their basic beliefs is another.

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