Thursday, May 28, 2015

"I Ended Two Wars!"

That's what Obama says—as if what he did was an accomplishment. It wasn't, because the way he “ended” them was to instruct his troops to “cut and run.” Wars are easy to end by SURRENDER. Now we have ISIS taking over in Iraq, and the Taliban doing likewise in Afghanistan. Somebody needs to tell him this is NOT an accomplishment. Oh, don't bother. He won't be listening, anyway. It amazes me how Obama counts some of his worst failures as accomplishments. Some would say that's stupidity. But I say the only stupidity there is him thinking we will BELIEVE his lies.

WHERE'D IT GO? I don't know what happened to yesterday's post. I posted it, right along with my two other blog posts, and they're right there. The only thing I can think of is that my computer was acting up when I posted, and it might not have sent it.

BETTER THAN HILLARY? Many people say Bernie Sanders is better than Hillary when it comes to being the next president. How stupid ARE they? We know Hillary leans toward socialism, but Bernie is a DEDICATED socialist. Anybody who thinks socialism is a better economic model than the free market needs his/her head examined. They're not too smart. Let 'em fight it out. While they tussle, we'll elect a REAL president. Maybe. Bernie is just in there so Democrats can say Hillary isn't the only Democrat candidate. He hasn't a PRAYER of winning.

RACISM IS A SCAM: Whenever you hear somebody accuse somebody of racism, you can be sure it's an Obama scam, designed to shut up the opposition. He told us if we elected him we'd forever eradicate racism in this country. But just the opposite has happened. Racism has worsened. But not the kind we've known in the past. Now it's black racism against whites, and is designed to get a race war started so he can use it to tighten his control over us.

TRUMPED-UP CHARGES” As we speak, Iran is “trying” and American reporter for “espionage.” They're hoping we'll offer them money to drop those phony charges so he can come home. Iran is as much a terrorist outfit as is ISIS or the Taliban. And they regularly kidnap people for ransom. But, since they ARE a sovereign nation, they get to call it a ”legal action.” But the result is the same: they take the subject prisoner, and end up getting money for his release.

TOKEN CANDIDATES: Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Martin O'Malley (D-MD) are among several “token candidates” put out to supposedly oppose Hillary Clinton in the presidential race., but they are the only ones the liberal media seriously MENTION as candidates. They're put out there to make it LOOK like she's getting some opposition from Democrats. The others are the “perennial candidates” who are always out there, with NO chance of winning. These two have no chance either, but they PRETEND they do.

OURS, OR THE MUSLIMS'? Is this our country? Or does it belong to the Muslims? If it is ours, why are Muslims allowed to kneel in prayer in the middle of Madison Ave. In New York City, on a monthly basis, while Christians are not allowed to do the same? Why is ANYBODY allowed to block off a major street to traffic, to pray?. This is symptomatic of the “special treatment” given Muslims all over this country on orders from Obama. It is this kind of thing that will spell DISASTER for this country if we don't change it. Muslims will not win, we will GIVE it to them.

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