Saturday, May 9, 2015

"No Regrets"

Pamela Geller has “no regrets” about the two deaths that were caused by her “Draw the Prophet” contest, and she's right. Nobody (except some Imam somewhere) told those fools to come shooting about an innocent art contest. If they're stupid enough to do so, they rate what they got, which was that cop's gun, one bullet at a time. Geller is NOT responsible for those deaths. Those Islamic FOOLS are responsible for their own deaths. All she did was bring them out in the open so we could “pick them off” before they could do some real damage.

FOOLING THE PUBLIC: 93 MILLION people have given up on ever finding work and have left the job market, which means Obama no longer COUNTS them as “part of the labor force.” That means the number of people he counts to arrive at his phony “employment figures” is a lot SMALLER than it really is and the real number is based only on a percentage of those who are still LOOKING for work. It's a CON, folks. And one the government (even before Obama) has been working on us for a long time. Like the “institutionalized” baseline budget scam where every government agency automatically gets a 10% INCREASE in their budget EVERY year, and if that is reduced to 7%, it is called a 3% CUT. Those are just 2 of their ROUTINE cons.

WHY HAVE REGRETS? Pamela Geller has said she “has no regrets” that her “Draw the Prophet contest caused two deaths. Why the hell SHOULD she? Those fools brought their own deaths upon themselves! If they had not come there to cause the deaths of MANY they wouldn't now be dead. Some liberals really make me wonder at their sanity! People like Geller should NEVER need to ”have regrets” about the deaths of terrorists who come to kill people. They “make their own bed (a coffin), and now must lie in it.” I can't feel the least bit sorry for somebody who came to kill getting killed.

WAR ON CHRISTIANITY: People still say there IS no “war on Christianity. How STUPID are they? The evidence is so obvious you HAVE to be stupid not to realize it. Not only the killings of Christians all over the world, but all the attacks on Christianity in our own country! Like this current one, where a federal judge tells commissioners in Rowan County, NC they cannot pray before they open meetings because that doing so is not “non-discriminatory toward other religions and elevates Christianity in government.” What this judge is serenely unaware of is that the Constitution prohibits ANY LAW regarding religion, or the practice thereof. It does NOT ban religion itself from government, on ANY level.

VOTING WITH HER VAGINA”: Kate Harding is a fool. She ADMITTED it when she said she'd “vote with her vagina” in an article in “Dame Magazine,” an obscure feminist magazine I think has probably TWO readers. What she meant is she's voting for Hillary, because she's a woman. No other reason. To hell with all her “baggage and scandals. It doesn't matter that her incompetence got many people killed and lost us millions of dollars, she's voting for her “because she bleeds.” ONLY because she's a woman. She's showing the classic stupidity in ALL liberals.

THEY'RE AFTER DRUDGE: He tells too many of their secrets. And he finds out more of their secrets than they want him to, and he has more influence than the New York Times, which falsely bills itself as “The Newspaper of Record.” Drudge is probably the main reason Obama is “taking over the Internet” so he can tell Drudge what he can, and cannot report (he wishes). It was Drudge and Rush Limbaugh that inspired me to do what I do. And Obama can go to hell.

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