Saturday, May 23, 2015

Third World War

That's what George Soros is telling us we're on the verge of, and he should know. He's been working HARD for a long time to get it started, so he can benefit from it, as he has done many times in the past. George Soros is one of the most insidious enemies we have, because he works “behind the scenes,and he ought to be ENDED. Not killed, just ENDED. So he can no longer manipulate things to his advantage, which is usually to our DISADVANTAGE.

MICHELLE'S SALARY? Obama thinks Michelle ought to get a salary for being “First Lady.” He equates it to “paying her less than him.” Which is, as usual, a completely wrong concept. Michelle wasn't ELECTED to ANYTHING. Therefore, she's entitled to NO PAY. She's like a barnacle on a whale. My wife never got paid for being my wife. And this doesn't mean every wife is like a barnacle on a whale. Only this one. Aren't her million dollar “vacations” at taxpayer expense enough? She acts like she's a queen, and gives orders she has no authority to give to school officials regarding what to feed YOUR kids in their school lunches. No more money for Michelle!

BIPARTISAN IS A DIRTY WORD: You hear a lot about “bipartisanship” in DC these days, mostly spouted by Democrats in an effort to get the Republicans to abandon their basic principles and agree with them. But Washington was not designed for bipartisanship. It was designed to be PARTISAN. That's why there are TWO major parties, not ONE, as it was in communist Russia and other communist countries. If everything is BI-partisan, ONE side rules everything, and that goes against everything this country was built on.

SHUTTING DOWN THE INTERNET: Make no mistake, that's what Obama is after with his “net neutrality” bulldung, He wants to be able to say when web sites like Drudge or even Fox News (and someday mine) “goes too far” in HIS OPINION, and shut them up. His words: “tamp them down.” This governmental takeover of the Internet is now “the law of the land” by DICTAT. His. No congressional action was involved. Only bureaucratic action instigated by HIM. For my part, when his thugs come to shut me up, he will get this message: “screw off!” Maybe not using THOSE exact words.

IMPERVIOUS TO REALITY: He's doing it again! Obama is out there promoting global warming (or its illegitimate child, climate change) as one of the “greatest threats to national security their is” when we all know it's AlGore's SWINDLE. One that has made him a BILLIONAIRE while he is personally one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Obama is another, when he takes three or four airplanes to carry his gas-guzzling cars on a trip to spend 20 minutes making a short blathering speech. What a damned FOOL he is!

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” That's Hillary's opinion about Benghazi. It's “old news” because she (and Obama) have “stonewalled” it for a long time until we all got tired of hearing about it. But it DOES “make a difference” to the families of those four people they allowed to be murdered in Benghazi “on her watch” while she refused to send help. And she really thinks she's going to get away with this indifference to the lives of her people.

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