Wednesday, May 20, 2015

They KInew BEFORE Benghazi

It is now known that this government KNEW about the Benghazi atrocity a WEEK before it happened. They knew the reasons for the attack. They KNEW that “video” had nothing to do with it, and that it WAS an Islamic terrorist attack. But they told the lie anyway because they wanted to cover up Obama's “gun-running” at all costs—even the cost of four innocent lives, including an ambassador. This knowledge should END Obama—but it won't, because he's got the whole thing rigged and everybody involved (except the dead) will lie for him.

NAKED OLDSTER KILLS CROOK: A 77-year-old man had just stepped out of the shower when he encountered two “home invaders” and shot one to death. Probably the sight of him in that condition caused enough pause to give him time to get his gun, He certainly wasn't “carrying.” If that had happened to me, I wouldn't have had to shoot him. Just the sight of me would have done the job without wasting the cost of a bullet. Anti-gun nuts think this 77-year-old man should have engaged these two young men in fisticuffs instead of shooting one of them. /snerk.

BLOOD IS OBAMA'S: As ISIS goes house-to-house in Iraq killing every non-Islamic they can find, and even some of the “wrong kind of Muslims,” every drop of blood, every severed head, adult or child, should be smeared on Barack Obama's head, because he is responsible for ALL their deaths. They (and all those murdered before by ISIS) would still be alive and happy if Obama had not told his troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job and preventing ISIS from rising, at all. Add to that, all the American heroes who died to take what they are now retaking, and that's a lot of blood. I hope Obama can sleep at night, with all those souls on his conscience—if he has one.

ASK ANOTHER DUMB QUESTION: Somebody asked CNN host Ashleigh Banfield (who hosts a competing show to theirs why she didn't watch “outnumbered.?" How stupid is that for a question? She gives an answer that cuts them to the quick, but it's simpler than that: they're the COMPETITION! Why the hell should she watch the competition? I agree with her that “Outnumbered” is more of a “coffee klatch” than a real show, and it's a showcase for female legs ¾ of the way up their thighs. But her show isn't much better. She probably doesn't like “The Five,” either, even though that is just a minor “leg show.”.

BIG NEWS! HILLARY TALKS! Hillary actually answers some questions! And the news networks are falling all over themselves congratulating themselves for ASKING some! Is that what we've come to? A Democrat running for president refuses to answer questions for a long time and it's a real event when finally she does? Has our media really come to that pathetic end? Well, when they start contributing $75,000.00 to a Democrat while pretending to be “impartial” and their peers ignore that, nobody is surprised when they make no effort to learn things.

SHUT UP AND ENJOY IT!” That's what a convicted rapist told his intended victim as he was trying to rape her, but she didn't. “Go screw yourself!” she replied, and, using her knowledge of unarmed combat, knocked him cold. Now that's what Obama is telling US as he screws the whole country. And we'd better tell him the same and knock HIM cold before he rapes us again and again (as he already has). We ARE “bigger than him,” and we CAN put an END to him, if we just get together and tell him, “Go screw youirself!” Will we”? Not if we keep listening to the liberal damned fools who support him.

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