Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Michelle Blasts Conservative Racism!

She “went off” on it, as if only BLACK people are entitled to be racist, as in what she and her con man husband are promoting today. Yes, there IS some racism left among BOTH conservatives AND liberals, The liberal racism she ignores, in favor of making it SEEM like only conservatives are racist. What a damned FOOL she is! She talks incessantly about WHITE racism while IGNORING the BLACK against white racism she and her fool husband are PROMOTING today!

GELLER “GOT TWO MEN KILLED”: That's what some people, liberals all,and probably some Muslims, too, are saying about the shooting outside of the “Draw the Prophet” contest building. How STUPID are these people? Those men got THEMSELVES killed by coming there to kill others and encountering cops who were good at their jobs, and were ready. Geller had nothing to do with it. She has the RIGHT to hold such an event, and they did NOT have the right to shoot the place up because of it.

MANY LIES TOLD: One of the factors that infuriates me is the lies told by so-called “witnesses” to police shootings where violent criminals are killed, telling such lies as that one who said the guy was “shot in the back” when he was NOT. The most recent instance of that happened in Baltimore, and added to the problems there. It was a main “testimony” in Ferguson, MO, where his “homies” lied incessantly and their lies were “swallowed, hook, line, and sinker” by the liberal media. In Ferguson, that cop, who was only protecting his life and doing his job, has had his life ruined forever by those lies. In Baltimore, SIX cops likewise (half of them black), even if they're not “indicted.”

WAS GELLER RIGHT? They're still arguing over whether Pamela Geller was within her rights to hold a contest she KNEW would lead to violence. SHE WAS. She was illustrating the simple fact that Muslims are insane and would KILL over such trivialities as publishing a picture of their “prophet.” Yes, it got two people killed—but these were the RIGHT people. People who CAME to kill, and who did not have the right to breathe the air on this Earth. Some people complain about that, but they're STUPID.

FOX LET HER TALK”: So Fox gets the blame. The rest of the liberal media lets people like her talk all the time, and does not go back and correct the record when her lies are found out. At least Fox had the grace to reverse themselves and apologize for letting her mislead everybody and maybe get a lot of people hurt to support Obama's drive to get a race war started. There have been 50 shootings in Baltimore, since the riots “ended,” but nobody in the media noticed.

FAITH CRIMES”: All over the world, Christians are murdered, tortured, beheaded, raped, kidnapped and sold into slavery. Overseas, it is all being done by Muslims. But a lesser form of it is being practiced by liberals in the United States, itself under the GUISE of “gay marriage.” Another way to discriminate against Christians is to stop allowing SYMBOLS of Christianity to be displayed, after a complaint from ONE person, usually a gay or a Muslim. The main problem here is that Christians ARE a “peaceful religion,” and bear the violence that comes from Muslims with peace, which just empowers Muslims to more violence.

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