Saturday, May 30, 2015

She's Certainly Pretty

If stupid. Marilyn Mosby,  the Baltimore prosecutor who is “rushing to judgment” in prosecuting six cops in the death of a man who, soon after back surgery, banged his head against the wall of the wagon on his way to jail, when she's pictured, it's behind a bunch of mikes that dwarf her, and which she can barely be seen from behind them. Actually, they threaten to engulf her, she's so tiny. We all know any prosecutor worth his (her) salt can indict a ham sandwich, so her indictment means NOTHING, except a lot of time and expense to those cops, who were only doing their jobs.

AGREED NOT TO TALK: Beau Bergdahl's closest associates have been forced to sign a “non-disclosure agreement,” agreeing not to talk about the details surrounding him “walking off” from his unit, only to be marked as “kidnapped” (not AWOL) and held for five years, then released in return for our releasing FIVE top Islamic terrorist “generals.” Now, why would this even be necessary, unless Obama knows something they could say that would put HIM in jeopardy? is it even LEGAL to force soldiers to sign such an agreement? Isn't that “interfering with a federal investigation?” Anybody else who did it would be put so far into prison, they'd never be heard from again. Why does Obama get away with it? I know. Because nobody questions it.

RACE VIOLENCE IS BACK: But it's not “your daddy's race violence,” which was white hate against blacks—and which had all but “gone away.” Now, with Obama's “fiery rhetoric” toward white people, black hatred against white people has come to the fore, and has been “given the go-ahead” by Obama's rhetoric. It seems to be “okay” to hate white people nowadays. All this is in preparation for the black against white race war Obama wants to get started, and which is well on its way to reality.

CONTROLLING PUDDLES: The way current regs are written, Obama now can control ANY “navigable waterway,” right down to that mud puddle your child loves to splash through. So the next time he does, he might be violating a federal regulation. I can't see what controlling PUDDLES does in Obama's world, but what it does is create an INSULT to every one of us. This tells me Obama is bent on controlling EVERY aspect of every life in the United States. Pretty soon, we'll need to ask permission to take a dump, or let a fart. They're already regulating cow farts.

HILLARY “RELAXED”: MSNBC'S Andrea Mitchell was worried about all the scandals that are plaguing Hillary Clinton, so Susan Page, Bureau Chief with USA Today, who has “drunk the Kool-Aid.” assures her that, “Even with the “load of trouble” she has had with the national press, she still seems to be “relaxed.” Yes, she IS “relaxed,” because she's sure “the fix is in” and she is guaranteed the nomination, since those “behind the scenes” have told her so. Remember though, they told her the same for a while in 2007, too. Before Obama crawled out from under his rock. Not a bit of concern about the substance of her “troubles with the national media.”

WHY CALL HIM “PROPHET?” Pamela Geller was having an argument with a politician the other day on television about why she wanted to display images of “The Prophet” Mohammed, even though she knew Muslims didn't like it. Then she destroyed him with just a few words. She asked: “Why does the media—and you--always refer to him as “The Prophet Muhammad,” but never refer to Jesus as “Our Lord and Saviour?” why, indeed, do they kowtow to Muslims and ignore any hint of honor to Jesus?

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