Thursday, May 21, 2015

Osama Was A Leftist

Surprise, surprise! In his quarters, found after he was killed, were many books by leftist authors, like Noam Chomsky. Is anybody surprised that Osama was a “redistributionist?” His terrorists go around “redistributing wealth” by KILLING the owners and TAKING it, then "redistributing" it to their own pockets. This also makes it no surprise that so many people in the West want to go over and become Islamic terrorists. I have nothing against that. It lets our misfits “separate themselves” from human beings, instead of hiding amongst us, and "go away."

LIBERALS HATE POWERS: Liberal Kristen Powers now works for Fox News, where she can espouse her liberal views to conservative listeners every day. But liberals don't like that. They want their people to stay in THEIR arena. Deep down, they KNOW conservatives are too smart to “gulp down” their drivel so they want to keep in on their own sources. And with people like Powers on Fox, they can no longer claim Fox is nothing but conservatives. But they will, anyway. They like to lie.

OBAMA PUSHING CLIMATE CHANGE: It's yet another swindle, folks. Obama thinks he can use climate change (or whatever it's called now) to con us into allowing even more restrictive laws and regulations, so he has “embraced” it. And he's now telling us (foolishly, lyingly) that climate change is a worse problem than is ISIS (or whatever THEY call themselves today). How STUPID does he think the American people ARE? Granted, some of them are. At least the ones who proudly “pay no attention to politics.” But unfortunately for him, more and more intelligent people are “waking up” to his cons and swindles and hopefully will get rid of him for good, soon.

OSAMA'S PORNOGRAPHY: That's the latest out. They found a “stash” of pornography in Osama bin Laden's living quarters after they killed him. Whoop-de-do! What I want to know is what he needs with porn! All he has to do if he gets horny is have some of his thugs bring him one or two of the women he has captured so he can screw them before he has their heads cut off. Maybe he's into inflicting pain, too. That would go right along with what he does, every day. So what the hell does he need with porn? Unless he just can't “get it up” for the real thing.

LIBS INVENT NEW ILLNESS: It's the number one story on Drudge today! One woman says she gets sick from all the WiFi signals all over her apartment. And some liberals are taking this silly dingbat seriously. They'll probably mount a petition to have WiFi shut off in her building, and anywhere else somebody IMAGINES they're getting ill from WiFi. That's what liberals do. ONE PERSON makes a complaint (however damned fool it might be), and they want to take away the rights from EVERYBODY.

SNIPERS AREN'T MURDERERS: Liberals like to paint them as such, but that's stupid—as usual. Picture this: a man with a machine gun killing our troops from hiding with a “big fifty” machine gun. A sniper sneaks up behind him where he has a clear field of fire, and “takes him out,” saving innumerable lives. Yes, snipers DO sometimes go out and kill some “top dawgs” from hiding, unexpectedly. But the same thing applies. How many lives can be saved by killing a top general in the opposing “army?”

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