Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Kill All White People!"

That's what Valdosta State student Eric Shepherd, who infamously stomped the American flag, says he wants to do. He says he's going to kill all those “who come after me,” which will be many cops, as they found a gun in his backpack during the famous arrest over the flag stomping incident (how did he get away?). In a long letter to a local newspaper he said he would “not go quietly and would use violence if necessary.” How stupid IS this fool? He says, he is “marked for death.” and he's right. He marked himself by his rhetoric. This is the kind of guy who could be expected to go over and join ISIS so he could kill some people with impunity Stupid, stupid!

FOX VIEWERS IGNORANT? That's what a psedo-conservative who used to work for George Bush (the elder) in the Treasury Department (which does not qualify him as a conservative) says Fox is “brainwashing” conservatives and misreporting stories. Which is a LOAD of bulldung. Bruce Bartlett, who is described as a “Top official in the Bush administration,” but who, in actuality, is a small-time bureaucrat, apparently is disgruntled and wishes to “put a kink” in Fox. But, as usual, he has no proof of his allegations, only rhetoric.

GAY SCOUT MASTERS: The courts are poised to make it legal for gay men to be scout masters, which is like putting a large piece of mean in front of a dog and asking him not to eat it. Yes, all gay men don't want sex with little boys. But enough of them do to frighten enough parents that they ought to keep their boys as far away from the BSA as possible. The question in my mind is why a gay man goes for a scoutmaster job where he gets to sleep in the same tent as little boys. This will probably spell the END of the BSA. It should.

IT CAUSES EVERYTHING! Obama has now started blaming global warming for the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Global warming is the “snake oil” he's selling, and he's doing an even better job of selling it than AlGore, the originator of the swindle ever did. Soon, global warming denial will be grounds for imprisonment, maybe even execution, if Obama has his way. He can't have people actually DENYING “his baby,” now he has taken it up.

GUNS DON'T KILL: People kill. Sometimes they USE guns. Sometimes they don't. Maybe we should ban PEOPLE because, without their intervention, a gun is just another inanimate object, which can do NOTHING on its own. Gun grabbers falsely blame the gun when it is the HUMAN BEING that should be to blame. But in their ignorance, they fail to see that, and insist on thinking that making LAWS against people having and carrying guns will solve the problem. But it won't, because criminals don't obey laws.

STUPID, STUPID! A Mississippi college suspended a student (who was a veteran) because he asked for a non-Muslim counselor. Who the hell do these people think they ARE? I certainly wouldn't accept a Muslim counselor because from where I sit, they aren't too smart if they accept the bullderm they're taught by the Muslim Imams. So they're CERTAINLY not smart enough to advise me on life's matters. This has nothing to do with racism or bigotry, but it has a LOT to do with common sense. I just don't like where they're coming from.

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