Thursday, May 14, 2015

Predcise Military Attack

The former head of the CIA is still promoting the MYTH that the attack on the embassy buildings in Benghazi was just a bunch of looters, much like those in Baltimore and Ferguson, who just wanted to steal what they could. But his story is belied by the fact that they had the exact coordinates of the building or buildings they wanted to breach and used them to guide mortar attacks. They knew exactly where the ambassador was. It was executed with military efficiency. Personally, I think they had “inside help.” The very fact that Obama and his Secretary of State REFUSED to send help tells me the SOURCE of that help.

FOX LIES ALL THE TIME”: That's what Obama says. But HE'S the one LYING He keeps saying this, but he presents NO evidence—because there IS none. He's been trying to discredit Fox News ever since he crawled out from under his rock in 2007 and started his run for president. His problem with Fox is that they continue to tell the TRUTH about his crimes and violations of the Constitution. He HATES that. So he trumps up the idea that they LIE, when it's HIM who lies all the time. How do you tell when he's lying? His mouth is open and sounds are coming out. Or he writes something down.

DEMS BLAME REPUBLICANS: Republicans blame Democrats. Libertarians blame both for that Philly train crash. All before the facts are known. There's nothing new about this. The same people blame the same people for ALL disasters. Mostly so they won't be blamed, themselves, and so that they won't feel like they have to DO anything. Meanwhile, who are the first people to rush in and help? The COPS, of course. The most maligned helpers in history. And who among those “rushing in” have to “watch their backs” so that criminals will not shoot them while their backs are turned?

THEY WERE THE WRONG KIND”: Muslims killed 43 innocent people on a bus in Karache, Pakistan because they “were the wrong kind of Muslims.” this is what passes for “religious understanding” in the Muslim religion. A little known fact is that there are TWO kinds of Muslims: Shiite and Sunni. They are constantly fighting for power between themselves. This is even before they kill “Infidels” (non-believers in Islam itself). There are many further subdivisions between members of the two major groups. Too many to count, really. And the reason for some of those divisions might be a difference in opinion over the definition of a single word.

SOCIETY'S “LOTTERY WINNERS”: This is what Obama and his fools call those who are rich. Those who are rich by their own work, not those who INHERITED their riches from their ancestors, most of whom are fellow liberals. These people DISCOUNT the whole idea that these people may have EARNED their riches. To liberals, FAILURE is something to be PROUD of. And if you're rich, you'd BETTER have inherited it. They don't believe it's possible to EARN riches honestly. They must be going by their own personal experience in how THEY became rich.

RACISM? AGAIN?”: “Is racism raising its ugly head again?” This is a question some people are asking, as if racism “went away” and is just now “coming back” with the advent of the election of a black man as president (which completely ignores the fact that a white majority ELECTED him, TWICE). It completely ignores the fact that that very black man is PROMOTING black hatred against WHITE people. He desperately wants a race war so he can use it, both to stay in power beyond 2016 and “tighten his grip” on power. There IS no “racism AGAIN.” There is a different KIND of racism being promoted today PROMOTED by Obama.

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