Monday, May 18, 2015

"Blacks Need Black Doctors"

So sayeth the venerable New York Times, that DC House Organ that fancifully calls itself, “The Newspaper of Record." One of the statistics cited by them still turns my stomach. The one that says the black infant mortality rate is TWICE that of whites. Of course, that ignores the fact that a MAJORITY of black infants are aborted (murdered in the womb). Now imagine if somebody printed a headline saying, “WHITE people need WHITE doctors.” That would be patently RACIST, wouldn't it? So why isn't it when it is said about BLACK people? I often wonder about a lot of things done for black people which, if done for white people would be racism.

CHRISTIANS “HATE GROUPS?” Boy, liberals are sure throwing around that “hate groups” crap these days. Almost as much as they accuse people who disagree with their policies of being RACISTS. That NEITHER are true doesn't seem to bother them at all. Now NBC “Face the Nation” host Bob Schiffier says that reigious groups such as “Family Research Council (FRC)” are racist groups and should be BANNED from television, and the rest of them are IGNORING it. They use as a source, that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) itself a “hate group,” has them on its “Hate Map,” and says they have been “inundated” with complaints. Two of them.

30 YEARS LEFT TO LIVE: The surviving Boston Bomber has been sentenced to DEATH for his part in bombing the finish line at the Boston Marathon, killing several people and wounding many others. I guess that means he only has thirty or so years left to live as they fight over when (or IF) to actually carry out the sentence. It's too bad we don't still operate like they did in the old West. Convict 'em in the morning, hang 'em that afternoon. But I guess they're frightened of killing the wrong person—which is a good fear, since they have killed MANY innocent people, based on somebody's LYING testimony and falsified “evidence”—like the cop who shot Mike Brown to death while Brown tried to kill HIM. Only nobody believed they lied—except for Brown's “homies,” of course.

WOULD JEB INVADE IRAQ? That's one of the top “gotcha questions” asked of Jeb Bush by the liberal media: “Would you have invaded Iraq, knowing what you know now?” Jeb misheard it and answered “Yes.” But the right answer would have been “:yes,” because Saddam, being a staunch Islamic terrorist supporter, with money, “Safe harbor,” and training facilities, was a “legitimate target.” And there WERE weapons of mass destruction there. He just shipped them to Syria. Iraq is NOW a “disaster,” because of Obama. Not because of anything Bush did.

FORCING THEIR RELIGION ON YOU: That's what some liberals are saying today about the “right.” Because they don't want others to push THEIR religions on US. At least, unlike the Muslims, we don't try to force our religion on others at the point of a gun! What the hell's WRONG with these people? There's a wealth of real targets out there, but they insist on aiming at their friends! All “the right” wants to do is reduce the size and influence of government and reduce taxes, whi9le returning to us more freedom, and for that, they think we're the bad guys. How STUPID is that?

SHARPTON AT THE WHITE HOUSE? Why? Why is Al, uh, Sharpton such a frequent guest at the White House? He's nothing but a “race whore” who makes millions by “whipping up the flames of black on white racism.” So he's welcome in this White House because it's being run by a man who WANTS a race war and Sharpie...uh, Sharpton is helping. He and Obama are the epitome of the fact that you can be judged by the company you keep.

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