Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Fastest Growing Religion"

In the world! They say it's Islam. Of course, it's easy to get people to SAY they're “converting” when you point a gun at them and tell them, “convert or die!“ But are they really “converting? Or are they just SAYING SO in order to stay alive? Will they stay Muslims, or will they go back to their TRUE beliefs as soon as they think it's safe? As far as being a religion anybody would WANT to join, Islam isn't much. That's why they have to use a threat of death to get converts and KEEP them, once “converted.” I know I wouldn't join it, on a BET!

SMART POLITICIAN: Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, is a smart politician, and they are few and far between. She knows why the founders made their support for an armed populace so definite and simple, even if the gun-grabbers DID find something they could obfuscate. They knew that if they didn't, one day the government would become a dictatorship or some other form of dictatorial government. So while her legislature is debating doing away with many of the state's tight gun laws, she has signified her willingness to sign what they come up with.

CHARGES WON'T HOLD UP:Criminal charges filed Friday against six Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray were based on "politics and crowd control," not justice, renowned civil rights lawyer Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax TV.” And he's probably right. And when they doi fall through, riots and looting will resume, and the Baltimore mayor will still have no idea what to do to put a stop to the “mob rule” that portends. I'm afraid Baltimore is “in for it” in the long run, and those six cops are “in for it,” too, guilty or not.

PIG MEAT MORE POPULAR: I've noticed that more that a few restaurants have eliminated any kind of meat that comes from a pig from their menus (ham or bacon). At the same time, others have featured “pig meat” more and more the more Muslims object to its being served. One in particular is one pizza company that has come out with a “bacon pizza,” that included “three feet of bacon surrounding it." I condemn those who “gave in” to the Muslims, and celebrate the ones that have told them to “go to hell” where their gripes belong. We happen to love “pig meat,” and we don't need to stop eating it just because Muslims don't like it. What we eat is NOT theirs to dictate.

OBAMA WANTS IT HIS WAY: He doesn't care what anybody else wants, including those people being held captive (some under sentence of death) in Iran. He's willing to let them DIE so he can get his own way. The quality of the deal with Iran is also in question, but that's a different discussion. I'll be glad when Obama and his stupidity are gone. I've seen some bad presidents, but he is the worse I've EVER seen. And he's the most SELFISH ever!

NRA IS WINNING! That's what New York Times (anti-gun columnist Charles Blow[hard]) says anyway. Maybe he's just the first of many to “see the writing on the wall.” But most of the others will not see it. They're not smart enough. Blow apparently is a ;little smarter than most of them. Two years ago, when the Senate (at the time run by Democrats) threw out most of Obama's favorite anti-gun bills, Blow blamed it on the “Republican FEAR of the government.” And he was right. But it goes further than that. The government is just ONE of the entities intelligent Americans “fear” if they manage to take away our right to be armed while criminals (as usual) have no trouble getting their guns.

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