Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bomb "Em Back to the 7th Century!

That's what Rick Santorum says we should do. But it's too late. They never left the seventh century. It amazes me how they sometimes use twenty-first century technology well enough to make it work. I guess it's like a bunch of monkeys typing. Eventually, they'll type something real. They don't know what they're doing, but they somehow manage sometimes.

SELF-FULFILING PROPHECY: That's what they're creating in Baltimore—and Ferguson. MO. Thugs (and that has nothing to do with race) want an excuse to kill as many cops as they can so they accuse cops of shooting unarmed blacks without cause. But in all the cases I've seen, they HAD cause. But painting a target on a cop's back only makes him more “nervous” and apt to shoot quicker, which is what they're (falsely) accusing them of. Which makes it come true. All that plays right into Obama's wish to create a race war so he can respond with tighter laws and regs.

OBAMA: “GO TO HELL!” That's what several governors are telling him as they work to make it impossible for him to have his thugs enforce his unconstitutional “gun laws” in their state. In Tennessee, the governor is pushing a law to DEFUND all efforts to enforce federal laws and regs about guns. Frankly, they shouldn't need a law to do so, since the Constitution says state laws TRUMP federal laws within a state. This governor also recently pushed a law saying citizens needed NO “permit” to own and carry a gun.

DON'T CRITICIZE ISLAM” That's what the New York Times says. Which signals to me their complete, abysmal stupidity. Would they have told us not to criticize the Nazis or the Japanese during World War II? Or other implacable enemies during other wars? Maybe that was because they didn't care if we criticized them for killing our people and the NYT weren't afraid of being killed for trifles. But not to criticize the Islamic terrorists is MADNESS. Threatening us with death for minor “transgressions” is part of their terror. If we're afraid to draw a PICTURE of “The Prophet,” will we be afraid to go after them and KILL them for their atrocities?

BRING IT ON HERSELF? The New York Times is saying Pamela Geller “brought it in herself,” and shouldn't have been holding such a contest because she KNEW it would make the Islamic extremists angry. So the hell, WHAT? Pamela achieved her objective. She showed how PETTY Muslim extremists are, and how CHILDISH are their objectives. Yes, it got two people killed. But they were people who don't deserve to live in a civilized society. And, in this country, she has a constitutional RIGHT to hold such a contest, and our government should PROTECT her while she does it.

LIVING”OFF THE GRID”: And in rural southwest Kentucky, that's a crime—apparently. The Naugler family lives “off the grid” on a small homestead there and the local (Breckenridge County) sheriff”got a complaint” (from CPS) about “less than savory living conditions” for their ten children, and he “swooped in” with CPS and took all ten children, to put them in foster homes and send them to public schools, where they can be properly brainwashed to be good socialists. The mother, who is pregnant, was assaulted by the sheriff, being slammed into the side of a car, belly first. The sheriff, not surprisingly, is not available for comment.

GOTTA PAY THE BILLS”: Bill Clinton is so transparent, you can see right through him to what's behind him. He was recently asked if he will continue to make those half-million dollar speeches, now that they have been identified as being BRIBES to his wife, should she become president. His answer, “Yup! I gotta pay the bills!” This coming from a man worth now about $11 million dollars! And he really thinks we believe his slopdoodle! Those speech fees, for both him and Hillary, PLUS the “donations” to their “foundation from foreign sources, ARE a thinly-disguised BRIBE. You know it, I know it, and so does HE know it.

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