Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Steph Is Sorry

George Stephanopoulos is sorry—sorry he got caught giving a lot of money to Democrat (liberal) causes represented by the Clinton Crime Foundation while PRETENDING to be “a neutral observer” in the media. Just as he was forced to testify before Congress that he LIED to his OWN notebook a long time ago, (for which he got NO punishment) before he got that “plumb job” with the network. Yeah, he's “sorry he got caught” and gave “the righties” something (true) to complain about.

AIMING THE WRONG WAY: That's the left. They pick people who disagree with them and accuse them of “being worse than the terrorists.” Now they're saying “that skank  (Pamela Geller) with her 'draw the prophet' contests are responsible for racism.” What stupidity THAT is! The ones responsible are OBAMA and his crowd, who are actively PROMOTING racism; BLACK racism against WHITES. So he can get his race war started and tighten his grip on power using it. And the other lefties are helping every day, with such crap as this.

THE EPITOME OF A LIBERAL: Michael Moore is “fat and happy” in his palatial home paid for by his silly liberal ideas, most of which, if put into effect, would have ENDED us. Now he wants to “solve the police problem” (that we don't have) by releasing all the criminals from prison and DISARMING the cops. That would CERTAINLY cause a huge reduction in the number of LIVE cops out there. The wise ones the thugs didn't kill would go into other work, and we'd be left defenseless—unless the politicians let us carry our own guns (which ain't agonna happen any time soon) or we became criminals by carrying illegally.

CLINTON: “NO EVIDENCE”: Bill Clinton says (with a straight face) that “there is not a shred of evidence” they broke the law in amassing $25 million dollars in just a few months by pretending their inflated “speaking fees” were just that, and not disguised “influence peddling.” And they really think we believe that, like we have believed most of their lies. Not this time, Bill! Of course, that doesn't mean you and the :old woman” are gonna get punished for it—you know where too many of the bodies are buried—probably buried a few yourself. Besides, you're too good at hiding the evidence.

OBAMA RUNNING GUNS: He was running guns to the Syrian “rebels,” who are really Islamic terrorists, although he won't admit it publicly. He was running them before and after Benghazi, and that was probably the motivation behind the attack at Benghazi—which is why all the subterfuge surrounding Benghazi. I knew all this at the time. I didn't know the details, but I knew the “broad brush-strokes.” Now the press has “found out” and can no longer hide it. In a “perfect world,” this would END Obama. But this isn't a “perfect world.”

TOO MANY SCANDALS: Hillary Clinton has so many scandals plaguing her we can't even keep track of them all, much less “investigate” them. From “Whitewater” and “Bimbo Eruptions”to “E-mailgate,” there are so many she should not even be CONSIDERED to run for president. But in today's politics, if you “wait them out,” people forget about your “crimes” (unless you're a Republican) and if you wait long enough, you can claim “old news” when somebody mentions them. Which is what she does. Then all you have to do is “clam up,” which is what she's doing. She certainly doesn't need the air time. If she makes it into the Oval Office, it'll be a real triumph of evil in politics.

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