Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Democrats for Baltimore

Baltimore has been run by Democrats for many years, which accounts for their current troubles. Every city that gets in serious trouble has been run by Democrats for a long time. Cities like New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, etc. Especially those who end up bankrupt until other Democrat-run cities that still have money left can bail them out. But now Baltimore says what they need is MORE DEMOCRATS! Talk about being BLIND to reality!

KNOWINGLY” INAPPROPRIATE: Hillary says the Clinton Foundation has NOT done “anything KNOWINGLY inappropriate” in accepting contributions from foreign countries who want to make sure if she gets back in the White House they can still con us out of money. They use that qualifier so when it is discovered that it DID do something “inappropriate,” they can still CLAIM they didn't know about it. This is how they can LIE to us so brazenly and still claim to be “in the right.”

TERRORISTS ARE HERE! Democrats keep assuring us that the Islamic terrorists are NOT already in the United States and any “dirty work” by them in our own streets is a long time away. How short-sighted and STUPID that is! They're HERE, NOW! That's why two brave cops had to shoot and KILL two of them so they couldn't go into Pamela Geller's art contest building and kill hundreds of people because they were “depicting the Prophet.” Unlike in their home countries where they OWN half or more of the cops, they ran into a “brick wall” of BULLETS from just TWO cops. Score: terrorists – 0; cops -- 2. “Don't mess with Texas!”

"SECRET" TRADING BILL: Politicians are working in SECRET to do what should have been done a long time ago which supposedly will do what couldn't be done BEFORE Obamacare was passed, with NOBODY knowing what was in it. They're not allowing ANYTHING to get out of the meetings, being held in the BASEMENT. Harry Reid is whining that he's not going to let something pass when he doesn't know what's in it! REALLY! What's different now from all those other bills (including Obamacare) he let pass with NOBODY knowing what's in them? The difference? This is a REPUBLICAN agreement; that's what's different!

WHAT WE DO DOESN'T MATTER: Islamic terrorists are damned mad that we are coming over where they kill the locals with impunity and kill THEM! All just because they came to our country and killed 3,000 innocent people in ONE DAY! But that doesn't matter. Those were INFIDELS! They believe they have the unalterable right to kill Infidels, any time, anywhere, any nationality, and we don't have the right to retaliate. So when we do, it really makes them MAD! So they go out and kill some more of us, then we kill more of them, and so on, and so forth.......

READ TO YOUR KIDS? UNFAIR! That's what a British professor is saying, and the American Left is echoing it. That's what they do: echo bad ideas. The theory is that when you read to your kids, you make it easier for them to succeed and to learn for themselves. To liberals, that's BAD! That gives them an ADVANTAGE over those who don't, or CAN'T read to their children, and anything that gives one kid an ADVANTAGE is bad! That could even make ACHIEVERS out of them! Tsk, tsk.

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