Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Who the Hell CARES?

We (not me) go out of our way to avoid “offending” Muslims. Why? What do we care what Muslims think? We IGNORE Muslim-owned bakeries refusing to bake cakes for Christians generally and gays especially while RUINING Christians who do the same, for the same reasons. And it's all because Muslims don't like it. Who cares? They certainly don't care if they offend US in the countries they control! They make LAWS against the things we hold dear, and prohibit us from even practicing our religion there.

SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN HIS CAR”: That's what the family of the killer of one cop said about him getting killed by their family member. Which tells me the entire family are thugs, as much as the killer is. “Should have stayed in his car?” What a STUPID statement THAT is! Staying in his car would not be doing his job, and that fool should not have killed him. If HE hadn't been committing a crime, the cop wouldn't have pursued him. That works both way, fools!

WAS BIN LADEN MURDERED? I don't know, and I don't care. However he died, it was a good thing. This man was at the top of the list of worse than animals who didn't have the right to breathe the air on this Earth. Seymour Hersh is now saying there was “no firefight,” and they went in with the intent to kill bin Laden, and just SHOT him. I don't know if that's true or not, but it makes no difference to me. Considering the thousands—maybe MILLIONS of innocent people whose deaths he is responsible for, he doesn't DESERVE to live.

WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? No, I'm not channeling Hillary Clinton. I'm merely commenting on the mother of the thug who killed two cops in Mississippi saying her son was a “drug addict” as an “excuse” for shooting and killing those two cops. Being a drug addict is NOT a defense to such a crime. I believe he felt “motivated” by the rhetoric of Obama and other cop-hating politicians. She also says he “has mental problems” since being hit in the head with a pipe a few years ago. I guess she's trying to keep him from getting the death penalty, a fate to which he is definitely entitled.

SORRY FOR THE VICTIMS: The mother of the surviving Boston Bomber says he's “sorry for the victims” of his bombings. Really? Maybe he should have thought of that BEFORE he bombed them, huh? Frankly, I don't think he's sorry for a MINUTE about the victims. I think he's sorry he's now facing the death penalty or life in prison for his crime. He's only SAYING he “feels sorry for the victims” to get sympathy and maybe avoid being put to death himself. It really amazes me when such as him tries to get sympathy from the stupid liberals out there.

THUGS ARE COMPLAINING: There is only $25 mllion dollars' worth of property for us to destroy in the next riot. It's like the thugs in Ferguson, MO, complaining that people they burned out haven't rebuilt so they could burn them out AGAIN! What? do they think people are STUPID as they are? They'll rebuild (if they're able) after these stupid thugs are gone. They're getting tired of the CRIMINALS running things where they live and they're going to “wait them out.”

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