Thursday, November 20, 2014

Who Decided?

They say now that the United States ranks BELOW 20 other countries on “personal freedoms.” What are these people SMOKING? Who ARE they? And what criteria are they using? Maybe we aren’t as “free” as we used to be, but I don’t know of ANY other country that allows its citizens as much freedom as we do. I think this is just proof that you can make figures say ANYTHING you want them to say, by asking questions that will get the answers you want or just misstating what you got.

 “STOLEN FROM THE POOR”: That’s a popular liberal “flight of fancy,” that the “rich” got that way by “stealing from the poor.” Which begs the question: “How do you steal from people who have nothing?” You can’t steal from the poor because they have NOTHING to steal! But that’s something liberals ignore. Just as they ignore the importance of PROFIT in making this country “go around.” They never tell you that SOMEBODY must make a profit in order for them to LOOT them of some of it in order to give it to the “second-handers” (leeches) of society who simply want a “free ride” at the expense of others.

DISARMING BORDER CONTROL AGENTS: Obama is “taking weapons away” from Border Control Agents “for maintenance,” witho0ut replacing them, forcing the agents to do their dangerous job against well-armed Mexican drug smugglers (many armed with weapons OBAMA sent them during “Fast & Furious”) who have no compunction about shooting and killing unarmed border agents. Then you add his “rules of engagement” that makes them give the smugglers the “first shot” before using the guns that they HAVE, and you see he is condemning many of them to death.

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED? That in shows like “Dancing With the Stars,” men are fully dressed, while the women wear the skimpiest outfits guaranteed to let watchers see what is really too much of their bodies as they dance? That looks like an obvious double-standard, to me. Not that I’m complaining. I like to look at the female body just as much as any man. But why women go along with this is beyond me, unless they LIKE their bodies being displayed in this manner. As with that woman who went out to an area where she KNEW she would be whistled at and suffer cat-calls, so she could complain about it on her web site, where she bragged about her breast size. I wonder: do they REALLY hate that?

TRASHING THE CONSTITUTION: Barack Hussein Obama is going to go on television tonight and announce that he is going to commit a CRIME. And he doesn’t CARE what we think about it, as long as HE controls the means of prosecution for his MANY crimes. He is NOT an emperor or a dictator. He has NO POWER to make millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS legal citizens able to vote Democrat in the next election. He is doing this as a “lame duck” politician to help DEMOCRATS get elected in 2016 and beyond because we KNOW those “legalized” will vote for the party of the president who made them “legal” citizens. This man is a CRIMINAL who should be taken from the Oval Office in CHAINS, prosecuted, and IMPRISONED.

ANOTHER “GUN-FREE ZONE” SHOOTING: Two people have been shot at a Florida university. As you know, colleges are schools, and thus are “gun-free zones.” But what difference does that make to somebody who wants to commit mass murder if he breaks a silly little law like bringing a gun into a “gun-free zone?” How many times must people DIE before the “gun grabbers” get it? The number is probably endless because they just want to “disarm America” to make us easier to control as they take away more and more of our rights and tax us to the hilt.

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