Thursday, November 27, 2014

Democrat Racist Uses Race Card

Again. Democrat Bennie Thompson, well known black racist himself, says, “The only reason Republicans oppose President Obama’s policies is that he’s black.” Bennie forgets Obama was ELECTED, TWICE, by the same people he calls racist. He also forgets he is a black man in Congress BECAUSE of the votes of the very people he is slandering, MISSISSIPPI voters. They can never answer that one when they cry “racism.” To a Democrat, it’s always racism, when it is NOT. When they can't answer your questions, they just call you names and turn away.

HOW DID HE GET ELECTED? People like Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) keep saying the only reason people hate what Obama’s doing is because he’s black, which is a “round-about way” of saying this entire country is racist. Which begs the question: How did Obama get elected in the first place if we’re so racist? Let alone TWICE! How did many people like himself, a racist black man in Mississippi, even get elected to Congress? They can’t answer that question, so they “double down” on their racist crap. Their lack of logic and reason is breathtaking!

RACISM IN THE LAND: Yes, there IS “racism in the land” in America. But it is NOT the racism of white hatred toward blacks, as it was in the fifties (which I lived through, in the South), but today it is black hatred against whites. Yes, blacks might have good reason to be angry at those racists then. But people today are not responsible for the racism of the past. As an example: I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, not as a group. My dad was a racist. Am I to blame for my DAD’S shortcomings? I don’t THINK so!

WISHES FOR A RACE WAR: Obama’s fondest wish is for a race war to break out in this country so he can “break out the big guns” and “put it down.” In doing so, he will have an excuse to confiscate the guns of ALL he “deems” to be racists, which, strangely enough, will be ALL of us. Including many blacks. Racism was almost GONE in this country until Obama came along and started blaming it for all his opposition. Now people (mostly blacks) are rioting in the streets, using the race riots in Ferguson, MO, as an excuse to riot, smash, and STEAL from honest businesspeople who had nothing to do with what happened there.

GINSBERG HAS HEART SURGERY: And people are making a lot of it. I’m sorry she had this happen (she IS over 80), but stents are very minor surgery. I’ve had several of them put in, and usually was back at work the next day, I have also had a quadruple bypass. That was a little more serious and I was out for months when that happened. I do applaud her staying to keep Obama from being able to appoint someone who is more liberal than she is to the court. Although at 81, I certainly wouldn’t want the responsibility of being a Supreme Court Justice. I’m only 77, but except for spending some time researching and typing, I’m not much good for anything else. Applause to her for taking it on!

SHARPTON ON TAXES: He says it’s all a “put-up job,” that he owes no CURRENT TAXES.” What he doesn’t mention is his millions of dollars in BACK TAXES he still owes, for which he most likely won’t be severely bothered as long as people like Obama are in the White House. Sharpie…er, uh, Sharpton is a “pull peddler” who DEPENDS on that “pull” to keep on doing his work as a “race whore,” making a lot of money “whipping up” racism where none exists, except from the black side.

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