Tuesday, November 18, 2014

"Not Deceptively Marketed"

Obama says “Obamacare was not deceptively marketed,” which, in Obamaspeak, means it WAS. As you know, anything Obama says is a LIE. So if he says the guy who DESIGNED Obamacare says it was, he MUST be lying. You know how it is: we’re supposed to believe Obama’s lies over anyone else’s. He’s the most brazen liar there is. Mostly because he doesn’t give a damn about what we think.

I’D LOVE TO SEND HIM: A misguided Canadian wrote a letter, in which he asked us to send Obama to Canada. I can’t believe anybody wants him, but they ARE already socialists, so he must be a good role model for them. If the decision were mine, I’d send him in a “New York minute” (And I'd send Joe along with him). Unfortunately, that decision isn’t mine, so he’ll stay here and bedevil us for another couple of years until we can get rid of this “boil on our butt,” hopefully without a lot of permanent damage.

NOTHING TO SAY, NOW: Professor Jonathan Gruber had a “big mouth” when he told the truth about how deceptively the Obamacare bill was written so as to confuse people and how they “depended on the stupidity of the American voter,” but had nothing to say when he was “cornered” by a Fox News reporter and asked to verify his statements. Obviously, he has had “the riot act” read to him by Obama (or one of his accomplices) and told to “zip it´ or he will not get any more million dollar contracts.

OBAMA TO VETO PIPELINE: Obama says, “If the Keystone Pipeline bill, just passed by the House, ever reaches my desk, I will veto it. That pipeline will solve ALL our economic problems, create thousands of new jobs, create a big boom in business, and make it easier for us to sell OUR oil to the world. And he’s going to veto it. It will do noting but GOOD THINGS for us, but he’s going to veto it. But the way the timing goes, it will come back to the Congress AFTER the new senators have been seated, and that will give them a “veto-proof” congress.

SHOOT ‘EM ON SIGHT: It has come to the point where Islamic terrorists should no longer have ANY rights when confronted by Americans who catch them in the act. We should no longer “play around” with them, and treat them better than they treat Americans when they capture them. No, I don’t recommend we behead them, but I DO recommend we kill them on sight, if they’re caught in the act, or if we have proof (I don’t mean court proof) they ARE Islamic terrorists. And for their leaders, seek them OUT and kill them. NO trials, no imprisonment, just KILL them. It’s what they’d do to us, if they could.

OBAMA “STOLE” FROM GRUBER: Obama proudly, when still a senator, loudly praised Professor Jonathan Gruber by NAME, and told people he “liberally stole ideas” from him in crafting the Obamacare law. But today, he says he doesn’t have any idea who he is (after he committed the biggest crime a liberal Democrat could, by telling the truth about how we were deceived, and how STUPID they think we are). Of course, we all know that’s a lie, because it comes out of the mouth of the biggest liar in the land. Bigger than Bill Clinton, bigger than Nancy Peelosi, and bigger than Harry Reid (but not by much).

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