Friday, November 28, 2014

NRA Candidates: 90% Win

Doesn’t that tell you SOMETHING? Anybody who thinks a majority of people in this country are anti-gun need to see this, and figure out that the gun-grabbers are LYING to them, on a regular basis. They misstate and twist numbers regularly to make them say what they want. But they can’t argue with these numbers. These numbers clearly show the temper of the MAJORITY of Americans. And they can’t be twisted or “massaged,”. These people were either elected or not.

WHAT IS “CENTERIST?” People talk about only being able to be elected if you are a “centrist.” What does that mean to a Republican? It simply means you’re as much LIBERAL as you are conservative. The whole point is, that’s a FICTION invented by Democrats (liberals) to keep real conservatives out of office. And Republicans buy it. They “Get rid of” REAL candidates like Sarah Pakin and Bobby Jindal because they’re “too conservative.” Being “too conservative means those wishing for smaller government and fewer taxes, and allowing Americans to KEEP the rights the Founders thought they should keep. I call that “rational individualist.” That’s what I am.

ÓL’ JOE—“SHOOT THROUGH THE DOOR” That’s VP Joe Biden’s advice to people who think they are being attacked by home invaders. Never mind shooting through a door without knowing who is behind it is one of the stupidest things you can do. If you don’t believe it, just ask that legless celebrity who “accidentally” killed his girlfriend by (he says) “firing through the bathroom door at what I thought was an intruder.” Or ask the man who killed his wife in a similar fashion, thinking she was an intruder. Or any of the countless others who have killed their loved ones similarly. Joe is “gaffe” champion in this administration, and this is one of his worst.

FEDS INVESTIGATING FERGUSON: They want to know if Officer Wilson violated Brown’s civil rights when he shot him to stop him from killing him while resisting arrest for strong-arm robbery. The entire concept of filing federal charges in this case is typical federal stupidity and should not be allowed, anyway. He has already been absolved of responsibility in this case, but they want to file “different” charges covering the SAME facts. Yes, they are “different” charges, but are based on the SAME FACTS on which he was found NOT GUILTY. That’s double jeopardy in ANY man’s language.

THE REAL FERGUSON PROTESTERS: They're the “Occupy”movement.” Which means SOCIALISTS. They stick their noses in everything where they think they can advance their agenda. Those ugly face masks are a dead giveaway. They grab anything they can use to put proper authority in question. Niger Innis thinks it is the Republicans who are doing it, but that’s a serious twist of the facts. He IS right that it is OUTSIDE AGITATORS coming to Ferguson and “whipping up” racism. He also believes Brown’s death is his own fault, beginning with his “strong-arming” that store clerk to steal some cigars. It is said that Niger Innis represents the Tea Party, but I don’t think so. That’s the problem with the Tea Party. NO real “leader.” So ANYBODY can CLAIM to speak for them.

NOT EVEN EQUAL: The New York Times reporters who made Ferguson cop Darren Wilson’s home address public so those who want to kill him know where he and his family live, have had their own home addresses revealed. Big deal. There’s no comparison between the two. Nobody wants to kill them (except maybe some cops in Ferguson) like the demonstrators do Wilson. They were pretty stupid to reveal Wilson’s address, and to do so puts him (and his family) in real danger from the fools who cane to Ferguson to take advantage of the riots. But to reveal their home addresses is not in the same ballpark.

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