Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Honest Democrat?

That MIT professor who was a primary architect of that massive swindle, Obamacare, has publicly ADMITTED that they PURPOSELY wrote the law in such a murky manner that anybody reading it would not understand it, and LIED repeatedly about its contents, in order to get it passed, KNOWING that if the truth about its contents came out, it would NOT be passed. He was probably wrong, considering the extent of voter fraud, both in Congress, and in the public, but I applaud his honesty. It’s probably the FIRST honesty shown by a Democrat in the history of this country.

THOSE “POOR ISLAMICS” ATTACK AGAIN: The Palestinians complain about the way the Israelis treat them. I wonder why (sarcasm ON). All they do is fire hundreds of rocket bombs indiscriminately into Israel every day. Then the kidnap and murder Israeli teens. Why in the world would Israelis treat them badly? Personally, I think the Israelis treat them far better than they deserve. Yes, many Palestinians work side-by-side with Israelis, even though I’m sure even they hate all Jews. But those who kill Israelis should be summarily executed—on the spot. Don’t speak to me of rights. Islamic terrorists should HAVE no rights. They’re EVIL!

“BRING HIM BACK": Breitbart reports that A grieving father asked Obama to bring his slain son back to life by issuing an executive order to do so. This shows why that MIT professor who was the principal architect of Obamacare thinks Americans are STUPID. That’s because some of us ARE. What kind of STUPID would make anybody think something like this is possible? That’s beyond stupid to INCREDIBLY STUPID!

DIDN’T TAKE ‘EM LONG: Something like 25 years ago, when Reagan was in charge, we had a strong, respected government. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep Reagan in office. We had to turn it over to George Bush (the elder), who fell for the Democrat’s promise that if he raised taxes, even after he promised not to, they’d do something for him. They didn’t. So he lost the election to a Democrat, and even though his son had eight years in power in the interim, Democrats lost no time in destroying what Reagan had built. Now they’re making it worse.

REDSKINS STRIKE BACK: The owner of the “Redskins” team has filed a lawsuit against the five “native Americans” who testified before the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office and got them to remove his right to use the long-used trademark of his team, for spurious reasons. Frankly, I believe the trademark office was not legally empowered to do such a thing. All they are in business to do is to RECOGNIZE the original right to the trademark, and that nobody else had the right to use it, not as a “nickname,” but as a matter of business. For them to steal that trademark is THIEVERY, and they are the thieves. But they don’t care about that—they’re the GOVERNMENT! That shows the arrogance that abounds in DC.

“ONE BULLET AT A TIME”: I sent out a Tweet the other day that’s probably going to get me in trouble with the stupid liberals in DC who have NO sense of humor. Only in DC can they make a JOKE into a “terrorist threat.” I answered another Tweet that asked the question, “What will you do when they come after your guns?” My answer was, “Give them to them, one bullet at a time.” I will not be at all surprised if several black-suited men wearing aviation-style sunglasses show up on my doorstep to “take me to task” for it. They’re THAT stupid.

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