Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Man Kicks Kitty

He did it for a video, which he posted on YouTube. The cat flew 20 feet, over a fence. Animal rights activists went nuts. So did I. He could possibly face a one-year sentence for his action. I think he should be kicked 20 feet over a fence, like he did to that innocent little kitty. I’m a great believer in “equal punishment.” Punishment equal to the crime. For instance, if a guy slits somebody’s throat, he should be punished by having HIS throat slit. The cat is okay, surviving his injuries, and has now been adopted by a friendly man. The cat is a “tough guy,” who comes from Brooklyn.

HOW ARROGANT THEY ARE: Eric Holder, who has been judged in contempt of Congress for lying to Congress, now says his critics “can kiss my a**. That’s typical, coming from a career criminal who has been the ”top cop” for a long time. He’s so arrogant, he thinks he’s above the law. But with the Republican win maybe we can change all that. They can still “take him down,” now that he’s no longer in charge of his own prosecution. And if Obama intervenes, pardoning him, then HE’S in trouble.

UNBELIEVABLE ARROGANCE: And stupendous stupidity. Anjem Choudary, the fool Muslim who told Sean Hannity that “Sharia Law will be implemented in America” has told British authorities he will leave England if they’ll guarantee him free passage (and give him back his passport) through British territory. But I don’t think the British really care if he stays or goes. Probably he’ll be less trouble if he stays. I do know if the tries anything more in England, he’ll probably die of it. He was arrested before for terrorist activity.

GOT HIS BLINDERS ON: Obama and his gang have their blinders securely on to where they can’t see ANYTHING. They are insisting that the drubbing they received had nothing to do with his policies, that Americans were just tired of seeing nothing getting done in Washington, for which he blames Republicans, of course. Never mind that the Republican controlled House passed, and sent to the Senate 390 bills, all of which were “corralled” and kept on Harry Reid's desk so Obama could claim a “do-nothing Congress.” Now let’s see if anybody does anything about THAT.

GORBACHEV STOPPED THE COLD WAR? What a stupid idea THAT is! REAGAN destroyed the cold war by outarming them. They knew they could not afford to stay equal with us in armament. They didn't have enough money. So they had to change things. One of their basic scams is “two steps forward, one step back,” ending up with one step forward while fooling people that all they did was take one step back. Gorbachev told his lawmaking body not to worry about “perestroika” or “glasnost,” as they were just mechanisms to “put the West to sleep.” And they WORKED. Today, most politicians think Russia is beaten and the “cold war” is no longer relevant, while Putrid—er, uh, Putin takes over more countries in his effort to “return Russia to her former glory.”

WOULD HE ACCEPT ANAL SEX? Then Texas Governor Rick Perry went to Dartmouth to speak, and students asked him some pretty DUMB questions, including this one, from 15-year-old Emily Sellers, who asked him, “Would you accept anal sex in return for a $102 million dollar contribution?” The question itself is an insult to a governor, but she asked it, anyway. College Republicans were appalled at the crassness of the questions Democrats asked. Not to get answers, but to insult Perry. This is liberalism at its worst.

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