Wednesday, November 19, 2014

He Told the TRUTH!

And that’s a “serious crime” for a Democrat. We all know they write bills in such a way that NOBODY could understand them, IF they even bothered to READ them before voting them into law. We also know that Democrats (and even some Republicans) think voters are STUPID. But Jonathan Gruber has PROVED it. So now they don’t even know who he IS. And I’d bet he will get no more million dollar contracts to help them to fool the people. Just for the record, it was DEMOCRATS who voted that into law, without ANY help from Republicans, or anybody else. Now who’s stupid?

LOW-VOLUME POTTY: I have one of those “low-volume potties” required by the feds to “save water.” Every time I use it, I have to flush it TWICE to get the job done, sometimes THREE TIMES. How much water do you suppose that saves us? It’s like water is a “destroyable thing.” It is NOT. You can’t “destroy” water. All you can do is change its form. Like from liquid to steam, which is still liquid, but in another form. Is this STUPID, or what? Talk about incompetence!

GRUBER WAS RIGHT: Obama has a lot of people convinced that carbon dioxide is a “greenhouse gas” and needs to be done away with. Never mind carbon dioxide is a “naturally occurring” substance we EXHALE when we breathe out, and which plants NEED to survive. It CANNOT be reduced, or eliminated. We’d all DIE if they were ever able to do it, and so would plants. The same people who voted Obama into office TWICE, are the ones who BELIEVE this crap. And that’s worth $BILLIONS to the swindlers, including Obama. And Obama IS a swindler, of the first water.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: One of the stupidest parts of Obamacare is their insistence on covering pre-existing conditions. Whoever first thought of that is a damned fool! Any insurance company that covers things that were Wrong with you BEFORE you bought your insurance is courting bankruptcy. With such coverage, it is no longer “insurance,” it is WELFARE. They could wait until they get, say, cancer, THEN buy insurance and have the insurance cover it. But even people who SHOULD know better think it should be covered.

DAMNED FOOL JUDGES: A girl sued her parents to force them to pay for her college—and WON! What kind of damned fool liberal judge ruled on THAT? We need some way to correct judges when they make such rulings, that “give the finger” to common sense, and themselves violate the law. Lately, I’ve seen some liberal judges do some really stupid things, but this one takes the cake. I wouldn’t have DREAMED I’d ever be able to FORCE my parents to pay for my college, and I never had enough extra money to pay for it for my kids. And if a judge ordered me to, I guess I’d have to tell him to “screw off,” and let the state pay all my living expenses for a while.

IT WAS NOT AN EXECUTIVE ORDER: Democrats really DO think you’re stupid. Now they’re saying Regan signing LEGISLATION to legalize thousands of illegal aliens was the same thing Obama is going to be doing by issuing an EXECUTIVE ORDER to do the same thing. They really expect us to BELIEVE that crap, that signing legislation is the same as issuing an executive order. And many Americans, those who pay NO attention to politics and never learned how this government is set up, will believe it.

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