Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Cops Can't Win

Liberals say “The cops are the provocation,” so they stay away sometimes, and thugs and criminals run riot and burn and steal and loot, and then the liberals say, “Where were you?” The cops can’t win. If they come in enough numbers to win the battle they get criticized. If they don’t, they get criticized because they stayed away, as requested. If they didn’t punish that cop for defending himself and doing his job, they get riots. If they do, they get riots. That’s how it is today in Ferguson, MO, where the thugs reign supreme.

PERJURY NOT PUNISHED: In Ferguson, many people committed perjury, and that perjury was ignored by the prosecution while it was proven to be perjury by the physical evidence. He told the press that he thought those witnesses truly THOUGHT they were telling the truth, so he made the conscious decision not to prosecute them. Talk about “running from the truth!” The perjury was provable and obvious, and the testimony was IMPOSSIBLE, but he won’t prosecute it. Talk about cowardly actions!
SHARPTON "TWISTS THE NEWS": An “infobabe” went to him and asked the question, “Do you think the police let Ferguson burn?” And he answered, “YES.” The fact that this answer completely ignored the fact that any “Ferguson burning” was done by BLACK demonstrators didn’t seem to matter to this “race whore.” All he wants to do is “whip up” racism so he can make money from it. Why he isn’t brought up on charges, I don’t know. Oh; yes I do know. He’s a close friend of the president and the current, but resigned Attorney General.

SCHOOL PUNISHES STUDENT: For inviting friends to attend a lecture outside of school because the subject MIGHT teach them something other than what the school teaches about evolution. They say it’s because the event is “religious in nature” and the invitations were given at school, where you’re not supposed to teach about religion today. Tell me about how teaching evolution vs. creationism ISN’T teaching about religion? That’s what the SCHOOL is doing. Only it’s teaching ANTI-religion.

STOPPING FERGUSON RIOTERS: Rampaging thugs in Ferguson, MO, torched many businesses, stealing everything they could get their hands on, most of those businesses owned by minorities who were not involved in the shooting of Michael Brown, the GIANT thug who was trying to get the cop’s gun so he could shoot him with it. “Witnesses” LIED when they said Brown “had his hands up.” That was denied by the physical evidence. But when rioters came to some stores defended by ARMED owners, they decided they didn’t want to get shot, and went somewhere else, where they weren’t faced by the guns of the defenders. They wanted easier targets.

NY TIMES WANTS COP DEAD: Why else would they PUBLISH the address where Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown, the giant thug who was trying to kill him than to make him and his innocent family TARGETS for the killers among the thugs rioting? Publishing the address of such people should be deemed BEYOND the First Amendment, and an incitement to MURDER. I’ve never liked NYT much, but now I actively believe they need to be prosecuted, and those who made that decision to publish Wilson’s address, making him a target for murder prosecuted for the felony of “inciting to MURDER.

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