Friday, November 21, 2014

21 Is Too Young!

This college student has proven yet again that 21 years is too young for kids to be allowed to vote. They haven’t been “on this Earth” long enough to know ANYTHING. All they’ve heard is the propaganda put out by liberals (Democrats mostly, who are socialists.) and liberal college professors (who are overwhelmingly socialist, and some are former [former?] terrorists). And I’m sure the bulk of them voted Obama into office, believing every lie he told them. This Dartmouth student is “concerned” about free speech. And he thinks the government can “make it all better” with CENSORSHIP! Is that stupid, or WHAT? Free speech is free speech. You do NOT attain it by BANNING any kind of speech, even “hate speech.”

BEEYOOTIFUL SPEECH! Some liberals are saying that about Obama’s speech, in which he announced he was going to violate the Constitution (again), but I disagree. And I’m not a Republican. I’m CERTAINLY not a Democrat. I’m a “rational individualist,” and his speech made me physically ILL. Of course, ANY speech by this fool does that. But this one did it more. Maybe in a couple of tears, we won’t be forced to listen to such babbling from him any more. Although I’m sure there are other politicians (on both sides) who will happily do the same.

OBAMA GOING TO NEVADA TO SIGN EO: You’ve no doubt heard Obama tell the nation he is going to sign an ILLEGAL executive order “legalizing” millions of ILLEGAL aliens. And he’s going to NEVADA (at our expense, of course) to sign it. Why he couldn’t have signed that illegal executive order in DC at NO cost to us, I don’t know. I guess he just wants to do EVERYTHING in the most expensive way possible.

IMMIGRATION “BROKEN?” That's a fool notion. Obama says it is, and, as usual, he’s LYING. It’s only “broken” by the fact that he REFUSES to enforce it, or to ALLOW the people CHARGED with enforcing it, to do so. In fact, when Arizona passed a law DEMANDING he endorce them, he SUED them. The only reason the immigration system is “broken” is because of OBAMA. And now he wants to act ILLEGALLY to “fix” the problem HE caused.

“PASS A BILL!”: In his speech, the other night, he told Congress basically, “If you don’t like what I’m doing, pass a bill I like, and I’ll sign it.” Which means, he thinks they should abjectly SURRENDER to him and make a law HE LIKES to keep him from breaking the law. That displays monumental arrogance. Congress is NOT there to submit to his wishes. They are a “co-equal” part of government, put there to make sure presidents don’t DO the kinds of things he has been doing. Basically, he’s saying, “I’m the king, you just follow my orders!” Somebody needs to “slap him down.”

GETTING AHEAD OF IT: “Tensions are high in Ferguson, MO.” That’s because they KNOW that the law doesn’t agree with the mob that that cop who killed a giant thug who was trying to kill him is guilty of murder. They believe he was simply doing his job. It doesn’t matter if the kid had a weapon or not. As big as he was, HE was a weapon. And the only way to stop him was to KILL him. So they’re ready to riot, again, if they don't get their way..

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