Saturday, November 15, 2014

Peelosi Lies Again

After professor Gruber, chief architect for Obamacare, told us how stupid we were, and how they HAD to lie to us to get Obamacare passed, she is now trying HARD to “distance herself” from him after praising him to the skies, earlier. Now she claims to not even know who he is. This is typical of the lies Democrats tell. And, oh, the liberal media is ignoring the whole thing. Unfortunately for them, the “alternative media” is not. I applaud the professor for telling the truth, for once.

OBAMA==NO GROUND TROOPS: Obama has said many times that he will NOT send ground troops to fight ISIS. So you can depend on the fact that he WILL send in ground troops soon, with all the attendant excuses. He keeps saying, “No boots on the ground.” Does that mean he will send them in barefoot? There’s one sure way for Obama to tell you truthfully what he is going to do. Just listen to what he says and know just the OPPOSITE is the truth.

‘ONE WRENCH”: Talk about lousy planning! There’s a specific wrench needed to adjust nuclear warheads in the United states, and we have only ONE of them. If it is needed at any of the sites containing nuclear missiles, they need to FedEx it to the location—IF they can remember which site has it. Obama will probably criticize Fox News for “letting the cat out of the bag, but that’s not the point. ONE WRENCH, for EVERY nuclear location in the United States? That’s incompetence personified. That’s the point. Hegel says each base now has its OWN wrench, and will soon have TWO! Imagine that!

RATIONING BOARD: Obama has set up a “rationing board” of “academics” to decide what you can get, medical-wise.” For instance, they “don’t recommend routine colonoscopies for people over 76.” Therefore, they will not pay for it under any circumstances. Therefore, insurance companies will not provide it. Sarah Palin was right! Obama has lost no time in creating this “rationing board, “quietly.” I still think Sarah should be the Republican nominee for president in 2016, regardless of what liberals say about her. Or maybe BECAUSE of it.

“FROM COLD, DEAD HANDS”: Cops in Buffalo, NY, are planning to go to the homes of people who have died and “confiscate” (steal) their lawfully-owned guns “to keep them from falling into the wrong hands.” It’s illegal for them to do so, but apparently they don’t care. This legitimizes the people who don’t like gun registration because it gives cops LISTS of gun owners when the time comes for them to come and take our guns.

“WE NEED MORE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS”: That’s a comment made by Seattle Democrat gun-grabbing billionaire Nick Hanauer on his Facebook page. It was taken down quickly as the pressure against this foolish comment increased. He said he took it down because the pro-gunners look for this kind of thing to promote their agenda. He’s right. We DO look for gun grabbers’ stupid statements to show what they’re made of. We like to show how they think. It’s called, “truth,” folks.

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