Friday, November 7, 2014

"No Chicken For You, Democrats!"

Your empress commanded you to get out and vote Democrat, at least once, and as many times as possible if you can, and you let her down. She said you could have some chicken if you did, and you didn’t, so no chicken for you! She’s crying real tears. “How can we fleece the voters if they’re allowed to actually vote us out of office? We tried to steal as many votes as possible, but they’re onto us. Damn, damn, damn!

OBAMA BLAMES EVERYBODY ELSE: He blames everybody and everything but himself for the “drubbing” Democrats suffered in this election. Damn, this guy is STUPID! No wonder almost everybody in his party lost! He just can’t admit where he went wrong. He thinks he can DO no wrong. How such a fool ever got to be president shows the weakness in our selection process. There ought to be intelligence tests potential candidates must pass before they’re ALLOWED to run for office.

AND IT STARTS AGAIN: You think you’re all through looking at those ubiquitous political ads now that the election is over? Think again. Soon, they will be starting to run again, this to promote PRESIDENTIAL candidates. And I guarantee you that the ones that are put forth won’t be the ones who COULD change things for the better. The Democrats (and the Republicans) have already dispensed with the best ones, such as Sarah Palin (see, I told ya so!) Bobby Jindal and a few others, including Ben Carson, who will not even be CONSIDERED.

STATES BANNING SHARIA LAW: Alabama has joined the other states making laws banning the institution of Sharia Law. But why? Sharia Law is unconstitutional in its face. We don’t NEED laws to make it illegal. Why spend the money for a campaign, and a vote to pass a law making something that is already against the law illegal? I guess the politicians just want to show their citizens they are “doing something.”

NOW OBAMA COMPROMISES: Or at least he SAYS he wants to compromise with Republicans. But will he? I’ve heard that tune before. And it’s still out of tune. If Obama says it, it’s a LIE. Whatever this fool SAYS is a lie, always. You can always tell what is true by listening to what he says, and realizing that the truth is the exact OPPOSITE. He will make all kinds of snarky excuses when he vetoes every measure the Republicans put before him, but he will still OWN the vetoes. Not like before, where he could count on Harry to BURY all the House-passed bills before they even get to his desk. He did that with 390 bills, just lately.

RANGEL STILL PLAYING “THE RACE CARD”: He still hasn’t tumbled to the fact that it was the Republicans who freed the slaves (Or he doesn't care). The man who signed the proclamation (against strong Democrat opposition) that freed the slaves was Abraham Lincoln, a REPUBLICAN. And later, it was REPUBLICANS who pushed the Equal Rights Amendment, and the DEMOCRATS who fought it, tooth and nail. It’s a good thing Rangel will be gone, soon. We don’t need his kind in the Congress. And by “his kind,” I don’t mean a black man, I mean a RACIST, black or white.

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