Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Obama Killing the Private Sector

I don’t know why (really, I do), but everything Obama does seems to hurt private enterprise. I know, because I know what he’s doing. He’s trying to make it look like private enterprise (capitalism) isn’t working, so he can move us ever faster toward collectivism (socialism). He is a DEDICATED socialist and believes capitalism STEALS from people. What his logic is there, I can’t say, except to remind you that liberals HAVE no logic. They don’t even know the meaning of the word.

OBAMA KILLING THE GUN INDUSTRY: The gun industry is responsible for $32 BILLION in economic activity worldwide. That is not only the sales of guns and ammunition; it includes rentals and real estate sales and—the liberal’s favorite thing—tax revenue. But they don’t see that. All they see is guns, and the fact that they have an unreasoning FEAR of them, and they want to get rid of them, at all costs.

OBAMA KILLING THE OIL INDUSTRY: Just as liberals want to kill the gun industry (see above), they also want to kill the oil industry. They can’t see that there is no viable (affordable) replacement for oil to lubricate the world’s industry and the auto industry. Like with guns, all they see is that they don’t like oil. And they don’t want ANYBODY to be able to use it. They don’t understand that, without oil, we’d go back to life as it was in the 1800s using whale oil on the axles of our covered wagons. They deny that possibility. Again, no logic. If the Keystone Pipeline was to ba completed, we’d become the leader in oil in the world, eclipsing the Arabs, the Russians, everybody. Instead of us IMPORTING oil from our enemies. We’d be EXPORTING it, and it would create the next big BOOM, economically.

OBAMA KILLING COAL: Again, as with the gun and oil industries, liberals, (especially Obama) don’t like coal. It’s dirty, it pollutes the atmosphere, and they don’t want ANYBODY, to be able to use it because they don’t like it. Never mind there is not a viable (that we can afford) replacement for it, but they don’t care about that. They don’t like it, and that’s it, as far as they are concerned. Obama is halfway there, making “regulations” that are KILLING them financially. By so doing, he is also killing the ENERGY industry, which is the principal user of coal today.

GETTING RID OF HARRY: One of the principle goals in this election was to get rid of Harry Reid as the leader of the Senate, so he can no longer create a “logjam” of House-passed bills waiting for Senate votes. He has 380 of them sitting on his desk right now, so Obama can call this a “do-nothing Congress.” No one man should have such power. They need a law putting a time limit on how long a Senate leader can hold House-passed bills before action is REQUIRED, as there is on how long it takes the PRESIDENT to sign, or veto bills. But nobody seems to have thought of that, and Harry took full advantage of the oversight.

DEMOCRATS HATE THE INTERNET: Because it allows for so much more free transfer of information. It’s that freedom of information that defeated them in yesterday’s election. They don’t like you knowing too much. When you figure out what they’re doing to you, you tend to vote them out of office and they can’t “fleece you” as easily when they’re not in the majority. And as usual, if they don’t like it, they don’t want YOU to have it. That’s their “thing.”

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