Monday, November 3, 2014

Showing Themselves

Hillary Clinton Makes the Dumbest, Most Wrongheaded Statement of Her Career – and Her Audience Cheers.” That was when she told us “corporations aren’t people,” and showed us the reason why she is the Democrats’ choice for president in 2016: they’re as stupid as she is. And there’s a bunch of ‘em. But not enough, if enough real people come out and vote, so “all is NOT lost.” It's a fact that when a stupid person wants to illustrate her stupidity, stand back and let her. That's what I'm doing.

STUPIDEST STATEMENT? Above is reference to Hillary’s saying categorically that “corporations are not people,” when anyone with INTELLIGENCE knows that people MAKE UP corporations. Without people, there ARE no corporations. But IS that the “stupidest, most wrongheaded statement ever?” I don’t think so. I can think of a lot more, some of which are WORSE. Such as the title of one of her “ghost-written books: “It Takes A Village.” Actually, “it takes a village” to screw up a kid. Children have, for years, been raised successfully, WITHOUT the aid of “a village.”

NO THANKS TO OBAMA: Tahmooresi is free, no thanks to Obama. Tahmooresi is a “war hero,” so Obama didn’t care about him. That other guy that Obama freed four top war criminals for, was a deserter and a traitor. But he was that to support Obama’s favorite thing: Islamic terrorism, so he took the opportunity to free four murderous thugs to go back and kill more Americans to get him freed. There was nothing in it for Obama in getting Tahmooresi freed, so he couldn’t be bothered. The Mexicans had “wrung him out” for publicity, so they were finished with him.

“DOING WHAT ALLAH COMMANDS”: If anybody wonders if there are “moderate Muslims,” hear this, from a Boko Haram member while announcing that the 200 young, innocent girls they kidnapped after killing 200 boys were “married off” and should no longer be considered “kidnapped. “"You people should understand that we only obey Allah, we tread the path of the Prophet. We hope to die on this path." In other words, Allah COMMANDED all good Muslims to kidnap 200 girls after killing 200 boys and sell them off to lecherous old men. This is Muslim.

MUSLIMS WANT TO DIE: They say they “wish to die in the service of Allah.” Okay, we can help, there. We’d be glad to help as many of them as possible to get their 72 (or is it 74?) virgins as soon as possible. People who kidnap young girls and sell them into sexual slavery, along with the perverted old men who buy them need to die, in the most painful way possible. I wouldn’t say that about anybody else, but there is nobody as low, as ignorant, as cocky as these sub-human monsters. They SAY they’re a “religion of peace,” but I submit “peace,” to them is the whole world being Muslim, or dead. They’re a phony “ religion,” set up to legitimize the actions of their “prophet” in screwing CHILDREN.

“LAW IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS”: That’s pretty much what Ann Revell (Democrat) says. She didn’t like it when two items appeared on the Internet (YouTube) that said “bad things” about Obama. Never mind those “bad things’ were truth. So she wants to “regulate” the Internet so such things cannot be published. Democrats just can’t stand it when things are “unregulated.” The word “free” just isn’t in their vocabulary. Criticizing a REPUBLICAN, of course, is NOT covered under her kind of “regulation.” That’s only “news.”

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