Friday, November 14, 2014

Elbow In the Face

I watched the video of the American sailors being assaulted by some Turkish demonstrators, and their response amazed me. If that one guy had put a bag over my head, he’d have quickly gotten my elbow in his face as hard as possible, then my knee in his gonads. I’d have probably gotten the hell beat out of me by those Turkish cowards, but at least, I would not have turned and run. I don’t fault those sailors. They probably have orders not to “engage” such people with such as Obama in charge. He's "chickensh-t that way. But as far as I’m concerned, Obama can go to hell.

OBAMA “GIVES AWAY THE STORE”: That’s what he did in communist China when he made an “agreement” with them that required NOTHING of them for the next 16 years while requiring us to significantly reduce our carbon emissions, right now. This is going to cost us a BUNDLE, while costing the communist Chinese NOTHING. If that isn’t “giving away the store,” I don’t know what is. If this is what Obama does after LOSING an election, I wonder what he would have done of he had WON.

OBAMA BELIEVES GLOBAL WARMING: Global warming, under whatever name AlGore chooses to use to describe his billion dollar swindle, has been DISPROVED so many times, and in so many ways, only the STUPID still believe in it. Or they aren’t so much stupid as they recognize it as a way for them to con us out of a lot of money, true or not. People like Barack Obama, who SHOULD know better, but doesn’t. He’s using it to get $billions from the communist Chinese.

“WHO CAN BEAT HILLARY?” That’s a question being asked, even by conservatives today, which paints a picture that she is unbeatable. She ISN’T. She’s EMINENTLY beatable with all her “negatives,” which are LED by her letting four Americans be murdered in Benghazi when she COULD have done something about it if Obama would have let her. Any Secretary of state who was not allowed to rescue our people should have resigned on the spot, and gone public.

“OBAMA ENDED TWO WARS”: Yeah, right! He ended them by “cutting and running” from the battlefield with the job undone. ISIS has taken advantage of that, and now controls a large portion of Iraq, raping, beheading, and otherwise murdering adults and CHILDREN. He’s about to do the same thing in Afghanistan, which will allow the Taliban (under whatever name they choose to use) do the same. What kind of damned fool IS Obama? No kind of a fool. It’s working just like he planned it.

RE-ELECTING THEIR FOOLS: The Congress has re-elected Nancy Peelosi and Harry Reid as (now) Minority Leaders in both the Senate and the House. I wonder how stupid you have to be to be rejected by Democrats? These two were absolutely the most responsible (outside of Obama’s policies) for their misfortunes, yet they re-elect them. What damned fools Democrats are! It’s no wonder how quickly voters learn of their incompetence and reject them, out of hand. Apparently, Democrats in Congress aren’t that smart.

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