Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nobody Cares About Race Any More

The Democrats are still “beating the dead horse” of “racial enmity” by saying the election results were because America didn’t like a black man in the White House. What a load of crap THAT is! If that were true, how did Obama get elected in the FIRST place? And in the second place, how did he get RE-elected? And how did Rangel, himself, get elected? How about Mia Love, who is both black AND a woman? (So much for the “war on women” crap, as well as the racism crap.) The truth is, the only people who care about race are the DEMOCRATS, who still think all they have to do to defuse criticism is to scream “racist!”

OBAMA’S AT IT AGAIN: Election results be damned! He just released yet another terrorist murderer to go back and murder some more innocent people. I would say I don’t know what he’s THINKING, but I DO know. The Islamic terrorists are his friends. He proves it every time he makes a decision FAVORING them. And that happens every time he has to make a decision about them. It’ll be “good riddance to bad rubbish” when he’s gone—IF he ever is. I still think he'll find a con to stay in office.

OBAMA WANTS IRAN’S HELP: That’s like asking the FOX for help in defending the hen house! Iran is one of the staunchest “state supporters” of Islamic terrorism out there—and Obama “wants their help” in defeating Islamic terrorism? Again, he proves my thesis that he WANTS the terrorists to win, and he is taking firm action to ensure it. By having Iran “help” us, it makes them privy to our SECRETS in what we plan to do to fight terrorists, so they can warn them and make sure when we bomb an important terrorist stronghold, there will be nobody and no equipment there.

BIPARTISANSHIP? Obama is talking bipartisanship much more since the election. America doesn’t WANT bipartisanship. If they had, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of so many Democrats. Bipartisanship is the best way to get the Republicans to “knuckle under” to his wishes. Make them think agreeing with him is the way to go. Bipartisanship, to Obama has nothing to do with HIM agreeing to the Republican’s wishes. That will never happen. It’s always the REPUBLICANS who must “knuckle under” to HIS wishes for it to be “bipartisanship, if he’s involved.

CAN’T GET RID OF THE TEA PARTY: As Rush says, “it’s organic.” It isn’t just an organization with membership lists and dues. It’s the American people, and the American people are pissed! They showed it in this election, where they got rid of as many Democrats as they could. And they’ll do it again in the next election. I predict they will elect a Republican president, and get rid of even more Democrat members of Congress, governors, and other office holders.

“DON’T BREAK 200 YEARS OF PROGRESS!” That’s what Obama said on a recent speech, just as if he meant it. Indeed, HE is engaged in doing that, himself. He said it to stop a “government shutdown” over his policies. But a short “shutdown” to oppose his policies will NOT “break” anything. He just wants us to THINK it will so we won’t do it. It’s typical Obama BS, designed to help him get his way. We need to start seeing through his BS.

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