Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Wall Fell On "Em"

That’s what happened to Democrats Nov. 4. One or two Democrats still won, including Al Franken, a comedian who should never have BEEN elected to the Senate, just proving some districts are more stupid than others. I can’t remember a THING Franken did during his first stint, and there probably won’t be any in the second. Not even something that liberals would consider good; nothing.

VOTERS WANT LESS FIGHTING: No, they don’t. The government was DESIGNED so that Democrats and Republicans would forever be opposed to each other and their policies. That’s why there are TWO parties. So we wouldn’t be saddled with “one-party rule,” like in the Soviet Union and other dictatorships. Bipartisanship is a MYTH. The idea that voters want Democrats and Republicans to AGREE more is simply a Democrat pipe-dream, which means that Republicans should BOW to THEIR ideas.

DEMOCRAT MYTHS: Like the one above, the Democrats put out a lot of phony ideas, trying to influence Republican voters. Such as their contention that voters don’t like us criticizing Democrats or Independents. That’s a LOAD. Voters don’t give a CRAP about what politicians say about one another, They know most of it is lies, anyway. Even the worst “low-information voter” knows that most political ads are full of LIES, and that the best of them twist the truth. Like Hickenlooper’s ads saying he’s not running a “negative campaign,” while he runs his “negative campaign.”

YOU CAN EAT CHICKEN IF YOU VOTE DEMOCRAT: That’s what Michelle Obama says. What I say is, “Who the hell gave this witch the right to tell us what we can, and cannot eat?” Damn, I’m getting tired of these people trying to “lord it over us” because some fools elected them to office. Oh; I forgot. Nobody elected Michelle to ANYTHING. She has NO POWER AT ALL to dictate ANYTHING to us. And in a couple of years she will disappear from the scene if hubby doesn’t do something illegal.

WHERE ARE GITMO INMATES NOW? Obama has seen to the release of 629 of those murdering bast-rds from GITMO, and at LEAST 180 of them are back at the old stand, rapingand murdering "unbeliever" adults, and beheading children in the name of Allah. Every body that has to be buried who were murdered by these scum is on Obama’s hands. How Obama justifies letting these lower than whale sh-t on the bottom of the ocean sub-human killers is beyond me. Obama should be charged, convicted, and executed for HIS crimes. Out of the 190 left, 80 are scheduled to be released soon (why?).  I wonder how many innocent people they’ll murder?

HICK THE ONLY WINNER: How is it that EVERY Democrat up for re-election in Colorado lost EXCEPT Hickenlooper? This isn’t the first time every Democrat in this state lost EXCEPT for the governor. It has become a habit. Doesn’t that raise a few questions in your mind? I wonder if Democrat poll workers picking up late boxes of votes and bringing them to a central location had anything to do with it? How easy would it be to add a few boxes of bogus Democrat ballots to the bunch?

MSNBC STUNNED BY ELECTION: Especially by a REPUBLICAN winning in CHICAGO, Barack Obama’s home town. The pundits at MSNBC are supposed to be “the experts,” and, like most “experts, they’re surprised and “stunned” by what happened, when people like me—one old man—knew all along what was going to happen. All you have to do is PAY ATTENTION, and you can figure things out for yourself. The media was too busy covering Obama’s butt to know what’s going on.

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