Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sitting Cross-Legged?

The world is going to hell in a hand basket with Islamic terrorists raping, beheading, and otherwise murdering people who don’t believe in their brand of Islam, and threatening to do it here. Obama is spending our money as fast as he can while “legalizing” illegal aliens as fast as he can to get their votes for Democrats, and “running guns” to Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. Liberals are now worried about men who sit in subways with their legs spread. Damn! THIS is what is their biggest concern? Their priorities are WAY out of whack.

MOB RULE IN FERGUSON: The mobs are ready. As soon as the Grand Jury decision comes out clearing that cop of a crime in the killing of a “giant” thug who was trying to kill him, they’re going to riot. They KNOW he isn’t going to be indicted for murder, so they’re ready. This is “mob rule” at its worst. I’m sure glad I don’t live there, where the “mob” rules. I’d have to kill a few. Of course, this is only possible because Obama is on THEIR side.

IMPEACHMENT “OFF THE TABLE”: The Republicans have SAID they will NOT IMPEACH Obama. Which is a signal to him that he can gleefully break the law in any way he so desires without repercussion. So now he is going to ILLEGALLY “legalize” millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS and then “go get” their kids at OUR EXPENSE. And nobody will do anything about it. Maybe we’ve had some CRIMINAL presidents before, but this one is making it so OBVIOUS it can’t be denied. And the Republicans are allowing it!.

ANTI-GUN HYSTERIA: School officials suspended this 10-year-old boy for having a “dangerous weapon,” his FINGER. He pointed his finger close to two other students and made “laser noises” with his mouth, and they told the principal they “felt threatened.” So they suspended him “because they felt threatened.” This is yet another example of the “anti-gun hysteria” that abounds in this country today, fueled by liberal gun-grabbers.

“DON’T DO IT TO ME”: In another example of “I’ll do it to you, buy don’t you do it to me,” Harry Reid, who allowed NO AMENDMENTS to bills when he controlled the Senate. (Hell, he didn’t even allow any House-passed BILLS to get beyond his desk!), is now telling Republicans not to do it to him. Talk about arrogance of action! He denies Republicans the right to attach amendments to bills, and “buries” the ones they DO pass, then demands they allow them for HIM. Harry never ceases to amaze me with his arrogance, and his stupidity.

EQUAL, OPPOSITE REACTION: All actions result in opposite, but equal reactions; A school cop was trying to break up a fight between students, and one took a swing and hit him in the face. He hit the student back, obviously much harder. Now the student’s parents want action to be taken against him, but failed. The “school authorities,” for once acting intelligently, said his action was appropriate under the circumstances. I agree. You hit a man in the mouth; you can expect to be hit in return; sometimes a lot harder.

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