Monday, November 10, 2014

Kiss My Rear End!

That’s what former AG Holder told his critics when they refused to help him get rid of an assistant who refused to go along with his criminal acts in “Fast & Furious”. He told them they could “kiss my a-s.” Well, Holder can kiss MINE. I’m getting tired of this career criminal pretending to be a lawman while flouting the law. Now he’s not the AG soon, and the GOP is in charge, maybe now we can arrest him and put him in prison with all the other criminals, where he belongs.

DEMS WRITE NASTY LETTERS: They’re writing nasty letters to people who didn’t vote, saying they’d be “interested in hearing why they didn’t vote. If I got one, I’d write back, telling them to “screw off,” because I didn’t have to tell them ANYTHING. It’s MY business whether I vote or not, and I don’t have to come to them, “hat in hand,” telling them why. It’s none of their business.

BROWN’S MOM FLEES: The mother of “the gentle giant” who got killed while trying to kill a cop, with 20 or so of her friends, committed assault and robbery and is now fleeing to Europe to escape punishment. She’s ostensibly going to Switzerland to give a speech on “police brutality” to representatives of countries that hate us (like she's some kind of expert). Her costs are being partially paid by the United Nations (though intelligent people can’t see why), since they’re run by countries that hate our guts, too. She’s begging for more money for the trip. I haven’t gotten a solicitation yet, but I won’t be responding. One writer says if she promises to stay, she’ll contribute, but I don’t think that’s necessary. I don’t think she plans on coming back, in any case.

SENT BACK WITH OBAMA: Remember those two Americans that were locked up in North Korea? They released them the other day, just in time for Obama’s China visit, so they could send them back with Obama and he could brag about “getting them freed” just in time to build up to the 2016 election. Of course, if he was running things there, he would have done it BEFORE the 2014 elections, hoping to reduce the “drain” on Democrats in office in DC.

“DO-NOTHING CONGRESS”: Obama and his chief accomplice in the Senate, Harry Reid, like to call this Congress a “do-nothing Congress.” But that begs the question, “WHY are they a “do-nothing Congress” after passing 390 bills and sent them to Harry, who left them sit on his desk, not scheduling a Senate vote on ANY of them. I don’t call that a “do-nothing Congress,” I call that a “do-nothing SENATE!” And Harry Reid is a common CRIMINAL for holding them up.

ISIS LEADER WOUNDED? There was a rumor that the ISIS leader had been killed in the destruction of a ten-truck convoy. Then the story changed that he was “grievously wounded.” I don’t know which story is true, or if EITHER story is true. I just hope if one is, he suffered a LOT of pain, either way. This guy, and all his accomplices, need to suffer as they have made others suffer. One thing I do know, is that if true, it was a complete MISTAKE on Obama’s part, because he would not do anything to hurt his friends.

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