Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Voting Today?

Don’t think your vote doesn’t count. Vote-stealers steal every single vote they can, and your no-vote (if you oppose Democrats and gun-grabbers) counts as a vote for THEM. Meanwhile, the gun-grabbers are working “night and day” to limit your access to self defense and the means to it, a gun. They will continue to do so as long as your vote (or lack of it) keeps them in office. If you’re against the kind of “gun control” current gun-grabbers favor, you’d BETTER vote, or what you get, you bring on yourself.

WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED? What would have happened in 2012, and 2014 if the Republicans had accepted the Tea Party and worked with them? It would have been the biggest “blowout” ever experienced by the Democrats. The Republicans would have won so big, the Democrat Party might as well have disbanded, because they would not be able to win an election, even by stealing it, for as long as any of us lived. But NO! Republicans are so frightened that the Tea Parties are going to unseat THEM that they want to discredit them.

WE KNOW SHE’S STUPID: So Hillary says, “Corporations are not people,” when anybody who knows ANYTHING about economics knows that corporations are MADE UP of people. Take people out of the equation, and what DOES make up a corporation? One basic fact of life is that NO Democrat knows anything about economics, though they style themselves as experts in the subject.

IT MADE ME SICK! I just watched a video in which several “campaign workers” for Democrats, especially Kay Hagen, KNOWING the person they were talking to was NOT a citizen, told them it was “okay for them to vote.” As long as they voted Democrat, of course. It is this kind of voter fraud, that could be eliminated by REQUIRING a photo ID and proof of residence and citizenship, that moves elections in favor of his CRIMINAL Democrat Party

SHOWING THEMSELVES:Hillary Clinton Makes the Dumbest, Most Wrongheaded Statement of Her Career – and Her Audience Cheers´ That was when she told us “corporations aren’t people,” and showed us the reason why she is the Democrats’ choice for president in 2016: they’re as stupid as she is. And there’s a bunch of ‘em. But not enough, if enough real people come out and vote, so “all is NOT lost.”

STUPIDEST STATEMENT? Above is reference to Hillary’s saying categorically that “corporations are not people,” when anyone with INTELLIGENCE knows that people MAKE UP corporations. Without people, there ARE no corporations. But IS that the “stupidest, most wrongheaded statement ever?” I don’t think so. I can think of a lot more, some of which are WORSE. Such as the title of one of her “ghost-written´ books: “It Takes A Village.” Actually, “it takes a village” to screw up a kid. Children have, for years, been raised successfully, WITHOUT the aid of “a village.”

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