Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Smoker? No Job for You!"

Centura Health now has a new policy NOT to hire anybody who smokes or chews tobacco. It’s a typical example of the liberal owners of a large company, telling people what they can, and cannot do on their OWN time. Another one is CVS Pharmacies, who have quit selling cigarettes, period. How long before they announce a similar hiring policy? I’m getting tired of liberals everywhere telling people what to do. I don’t smoke. I stopped 30 years ago. NO “help,” I just STOPPED one day because I saw this kind of stupidity coming and I wanted no part of it. Not because I believed their propaganda about “smoking dangers.” They haven't proven it to me. CVS and Centura health are now OFF my list of possible providers to me of ANYTHING, and I recommend the same for you.

FERGUSON SHOOTER TO RESIGN: The cop that killed that “giant thug” in self defense is resigning. I predicted he would some time ago. There is NO WAY this cop could ever be a cop again in Ferguson, Somebody’d KILL him while he’s on patrol. It’s too bad that a good cop has to quit because of the actions of a bunch of thugs. I just hope he can find a police agency somewhere, that will quietly hire him and take advantage of his skills. We’re well rid of that thug he killed, who NEEDED killing, before HE killed somebody—if he hasn’t, already.

“PASS A BILL”: That’s what Obama says about Congress “questioning his authority” to do what he has done on immigration. Basically, he’s telling them to pass a bill that he likes, so he will sign it--or else. Surrender, in other words. This arrogant ass thinks he’s a king, or an emperor. But he’s an ass who is too arrogant to be believed. Sorry to call him an “ass,” but that’s exactly what he is. Forget “respecting the office.” He has destroyed all “respect” the office of the president once had by all his unconstitutional actions.

COSBY’S LOOKING GUILTY: When he was asked about old allegations that he drugged and raped several women by an AP reporter during an interview, he not only refused to comment on the story, he attempted to bully the reporter into not reporting about it, by attacking his “integrity” for even asking the question. The more he refuses to address it, while trying to bully people into not reporting about it, the more guilty he looks At first, I was reluctant to believe it, but as time goes on, I’m coming around. Bill Cosby doesn’t get to decree what constitutes “integrity.”

WORRIED ABOUT WOMEN’S ATTIRE: It was just noticed that one TV anchor wore the same suit for a long time and it went unnoticed. Like “Matlock,” he probably had a closetful of identical suits—or not. Meanwhile, they talk about what the women wear, all the time. It’s not surprising, considering how LITTLE the women wear. It’s almost like they’re vying to be showing a little more leg than the others. So we notice. Who cares what men wear? They don’t titillate us with their attire.

“I HAVE THE AUTHORITY!” That’s what emperor Obama says, even though he DOESN’T “have the authority” to “admistratively” do what is given SOLELY to the CONGRESS to do, make laws. Just saying it will not make it so. It’s like a kid “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping if he says it often enough, it will become true. Of course, when Obama says ANYTHING, we all know it MUST be a LIE. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better, But that’s Obama; “liar in chief.”

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