Monday, November 17, 2014

Obama Brazenly Lies Again!

A reporter asked him if he lied to America when he told them they could keep their doctor and rates would go down under Obamacare, and he answered an unequivocal “no.” Even though he KNEW that reporter, and everyone else knew he was lying. It amazes me how he lies so easily, without even hesitating. Most people have a “tell” when they’re lying. Obama doesn’t. Lying comes so easily to him, it’s nothing different. Nancy Peelosi and Harry Reid are the same. Lying is so common for them, no “tell” is possible.

OBAMA FIFTH BEST? Obama has been named the fifth best president in history by a recent Texas A & M study. Which further proves that Professor who said Americans are STUPID was right. And all the stupid people are Democrats. It really amazes me how STUPID people can be, while thinking themselves “the smartest person in the room.” No wonder they voted for a career criminal like Obama TWICE. They’re too STUPID to know any better. The thing that ASSURES me of their stupidity is that they rated Jimmy Carter FOURTH. Neither of these fools should have even been on the list if it was made up by INTELLIGENT people.

TURKEY FREES ATTACKERS: Remember that unwarranted attack on four US sailors in turkey? The Turkey cops “arrested” the perpetrators of the attack, but soon released them, without charges, and without even questioning them. This in a country that is SUPPOSED to be “our ally.” I think they’re just PRETENDING to be our ally for the money Obama sends them. Their actions tell the REAL tale. The video has been scrubbed from YouTube and every other place except one. Doesn’t that tell you something? By the way: the liberal media ignored this story. Both times.

THE MERCY RULE: You know, that stupid invention of the “second-hander.” That rule made up by those who can’t seem to win, whatever they do, to keep themselves from being TOO embarrassed by being outscored so badly people wonder why they’re even in the game? It’s dangerous for those who ARE better. If they “slow down” to keep from getting too far ahead, they could lose their rhythm and give the idiots a chance to get around them. I say, just score whatever you can, and the losers will just have to suffer.

GIVING IN TO THE MOB: Looks like the Grand Jury in Ferguson, MO, has refused to give in to the mobs. They returned a “no bill” in the effort to criminalize that cop for defending himself from a large thug who was trying to kill him. The thug was so big, he could have easily killed that cop with his bare hands if the cop hadn’t shot him. I understand that the thug wasn’t even slowed down by the first couple of shots. In a case like that, you just keep shooting until he stops moving, if you’re smart. So it didn’t really make any difference that he didn’t have a gun. If the cop hadn’t killed HIM, the cop probably would be the dead one. But the mob doesn’t care.

WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? Do you believe the evidence of your own eyes or what Obama says? What a dumb question that is, but it is essentially what Democrats are asking when they say “Obamacare is working.” Obamacare is NOT working. Not by what its VICTIMS say and think, anyway! People who were PROMISED that “if they like their plan, they can keep it” have their plan cancelled, then have to pay twice as much for a new plan that isn’t nearly as good as the old one, and has deductibles in the THOUSANDS of dollars, making it USELESS as insurance know it is NOT WORKING. But Obama and his fellow con men/women keep saying it’s working, hoping we will come to believe it.

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