Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obama's Going Nuts!

He has nothing else to lose. He can’t be legally re-elected again, so unless he REALLY pulls something criminal, in two years (or less) he’s gone, as president. So he’s going to do everything he thinks he can get away with to “get his revenge” on the American people for whipping him so badly. You already know he signed the UN gun treaty and hopes to enforce it on us illegally. But I think he’s going to go even further and use it as an excuse for even more illegal “gun control.” He’s going to leave the American government in such a mess, it’ll take YEARS to “clean it all up.” And we thought Clinton had left us a mess!

RUSSIA “UNFAILY TARGETED?” Vladmir Putrid—er, uh, Putin wants to leave that big multi-nation meeting he's attending because he thinks Russia is being “unfairly targeted.” Really? Didn’t Russians (or those TRAINED by Russians) shoot down a passenger airline, killing hundreds of innocent people while he was unlawfully trying to take over yet another country? “Unfairly targeted?” I don’t THINK so/ Like most bloody dictators, he thinks he can do no wrong, and ANY criticism is “unfair.” He’s a damned fool, but, like Obama, he has conned his way into a powerful position. One of the most powerful of ANY criminal.

LOOK YOU IN THE EYE: And LIE. It just amazes me how Obama can look you right in the eye and lie to you with a straight face when he KNOWS you know the truth. I’ve known a lot of liars in my time, but none who were more brazen than Barack Hussein Obama. You sit there wondering if you’ll EVER be able to afford health insurance again, and he tells you all about how all their prices are going down. Meanwhile, they move into the stratosphere and deductibles rise precipitously, as well. And Obama continues to tall you they’re going down. Amazing!

DON’T THEY HAVE ENOUGH MOSQUES? Muslims were praying in what was ostensibly a CHRISTIAN church (how'd THAT happen?), the “National Cathedral, and a single Christian woman’s voice was heard to say, “Christ is Lord.” So the Muslims threw her out, saying we need more “religious tolerance” while they display NONE. Christians are not even ALLOWED in Muslim mosques. How’s THAT for “religious tolerance?”

ISIS BEHEADS ANOTHER INNOCENT MAN: How long are we going to let these subhuman buttholes do these things? They think they can do this kind of thing without retaliation? Well, I guess they can, with a coward like Obama as president. But it’s going to end, soon, as a real human being takes over in January of 2016. I think Muslims should be banned from entering the United States and all those here be deported. Those who DEMONSTRATE their fealty to Islamic terrorism should be SHOT on sight. No trials, no rights, no imprisonment. Islamic terrorists have rejected their rights by what they do. Islam is NOT a “religion.” It’s a political organization PRETENDING to be a religion for the “perks” we give religions.

OBAMA (AND PEELOSI) DIDN’T KNOW HIM: I guess that’s why they paid him $400,000.00 while the states paid him up to $2 million dollars for designing that swindle known as Obamacare. That’s what Obama (and Peelosi) say about professor Jonathan Gruber, the only Democrat who is telling the truth today, when he says he thinks we’re STUPID. So does Obama (and Peelosi), but he (and she) still lies about it (and everything else). Now Gruber says we’re racist. I guess he just couldn’t keep with the truth. That must be hard for a Democrat.

THE “RACE CARD,” AGAIN: Jonathan Gruber now says the only reason for us to not like Obamacare is that we’re racists. I was wondering when he’d get around to that. That’s the “fall-back position” for all Democtats (liberals) today. If you disagree with them, they ignore the good reasons for doing so, and accuse you of racism, hoping to end the argument. But that no longer works. They’ve been using it for so long, nobody cares any more if they accuse them of racism. A racism charge now means we have WON the argument.

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