Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It didn't Matter

Protesters promised “demonstrations,” no matter what the Grand Jury decided in Ferguson. They just want another opportunity to loot and destroy. The hoodlums have taken over in Ferguson. Hopefully, they’ll “run down” soon, though. They don’t get paid (maybe) to riot, but the cops get paid to “put it down.” They can do it as long as the fools do it. Demonstrators are mad because the people whose business they burned down before haven’t rebuilt so they can do it again. Too bad they didn’t cooperate.

YOU CAN WHIP ISIS: If you fight. Most Muslims ISIS terrorizes, are terrorized because they have no backbone and won’t fight. Just like Obama’s highly touted Iraqi Army “cut and ran” when ISIS came calling. I guess they learned it from Obama. He did it in Iraq, and he’s ready to do it in Afghanistan while claiming to have “ended two wars.” You can end a lot of wars by running away.

THEY FOUND LERNER’S E-MAILS: And most of the liberal media ignored it, unsurprisingly. Just like the liberal media is PROMOTING riots in Ferguson, they’re HIDING the facts in the Lerner case. She could get THIRTY YEARS IN PRISON and they’d STILL ignore it. Today’s liberal media is abysmally bad. They need to be sued for malpractice; for that’s what they’re guilty of.

DYSON ATTACKS GiULIANI: For telling the truth. I guess telling the truth about the black/white controversy is a “crime” if you disagree with the liberal mindset. MSNBC’s Michael Eric Dyson says Giuliani “has a white supremacist mindset” for bringing out the FACT that most blacks that are killed are killed by other blacks. It’s a basic TRUTH, but they don’t want to hear it. Giuliani should be THANKED for saving thousands of black lives,

THE OBSESSION OF THE WEEK: Ferguson, MO. Today’s news media obsesses on whatever story is the “big story of the week,” and this week it is Ferguson. And, of course, the thugs an criminals making the news cooperate and do their damnedest for the cameras. Last week it was Ebola. It was like there was NO other news in the world. Yes, I know; they have to “cover the news.” But they don’t have to obsess over it and go “wall-to-wall with it for days, even weeks. I’m really getting tired of hearing the word, “Ferguson,” and seeing the repeated pictures of crowds screaming and cars burning.

CAN’T SHOOT ‘EM, STARVE ‘EM: That’s what ISIS is doing. Remember the thousands of Iraqis who were trapped on top of a mountain? Thousands died, and the world did nothing but watch. The WORLD needs to get together and commit mayhem on ISIS, instead of just standing by and watching them murder thousands, while “marrying” six-year-olds, as the “Prophet Mohammed” did. These Islamic terrorists are the lowest scum on the face of the Earth, and A;LL need to be killed, in the most painful way.

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