Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another GOP Win!

Alaska has finally decided its election for Senator, and the Republican (nobody’s ever heard of outside Alaska) won. He “took down” the Democrat incumbent, easily. Republican Dan Sullivan was never really threatened, though the results were “too close to call” for a while. The Republicans only needed a 6 seat increase to take over control of the Senate, giving them control of BOTH houses. Now they have 8, and are looking for number 9. So a “do-nothing Congress” caused by Harry Reid leaving 390 House-passed bills on his desk for most of the last few years, will do something under the Republicans. I look for Obamacare to be one of the first laws to “go down in flames.”

THEY WENT TOO FAR: Rush Limbaugh usually just “shrugs off” the lies and misquotes Democrats use against him on a regular basis. He knows he’s their “favorite target” and so do the people who are INTELLIGENT in this country. But their latest atrocity against him was too much for even him. Now his lawyer is threatening a suit over it. It probably won’t go very far as Rush “cools down,” but the threat itself is newsworthy. It brings the nation’s attention to the Democrat (liberal) “dirty tricks” that are common as grass on a golf course (where Obama spends most of his time).

REVERSE WEATHER: It’s minus 1 degree in Denver, but 38 degrees in Anchorage, Alaska; just the reverse of the usual. I put it down to the heat generated by a Republican easily beating an INCUMBENT Democrat in their Senate race, giving the GOP an even stronger majority in the Senate. That’s so unusual, it generates a lot of heat. They’re still trying to decide a governor, but I think there’s great probability it will go to a Republican, as well. Face it: this is a Republican year, since the Democrats so badly underestimated the effect of their overdoing it. They may not be able to win but one or two positions in any election for the next few years.

OBAMA WANTS REVENGE: Typical, thin-skinned Obama, hates ANY kind of opposition at all, and usually responds in revenge. That’s what he’s doing now, because of the recent election results. "I Want An Amnesty Bill. I Want It Now… And If You Don’t Give Me What I Want I'm Going To Issue An Unconstitutional And Tyrannical Amnesty Decree And Dare You To Stop Me.' “ That’s what he told Bohner and O’Connell last week. This is Obama, and we’ll be well rid of him.

“TRUE VOICE OF LIBERAL ARROGANCE”: That liberal professor and one of the architects of Obamacare who ADMITTED the government LIED to the “stupid American voters” to get Obamacare passed has “doubled down” on his comments even while apologizing for his earlier comments. Liberals really DO think we are stupid, but it is THEY who are stupid for thinking that. And, like most stupid people, they THINK they’re the smartest people in the room. As Charles Krauthammer said, “Gruber’s comments are the true voice of liberal arrogance.”

NIXON A PIKER: Liberals regard Richard Nixon as the “pinnacle of presidential corruption,” but they’re wrong (as usual). Nixon, except for his one major fool mistake, wasn’t all that bad a president (except in liberal eyes). He can’t hold a candle to Barack Obama on corruption, and the only reason Obama isn’t up for impeachment, as was one of his Democrat colleagues and “partners in crime, Bill Clinton, is that, right behind him is Joe Biden, who scares EVERYBODY, including the Democrats. As long as “Ol’ Joe” is there, Obama’s safe. I think Obama planned it that way.

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