Sunday, November 9, 2014

"It's too Much Trouble"

The IRS has admitted it didn’t search for Lois Lerner’s e-mails in the most obvious places because it was just “too much trouble.” They said it was “too onerous a job,” but that’s what they meant. Moreover, they just didn’t want to find them because they might serve to PROVE that her “testimony” before Congress BEFORE she “took the Fifth,” was perjury, in that she DID “do something wrong. That’s how IRS works. If WE do something wrong, they’re on us like scum on a rock in a stream. If THEY do something wrong, they do all they can to avoid responsibility for it.

“WANT TO SEE WORK DONE”: That’s what Obama told a meeting he called of congresspeople in the White House. But as usual, he’s wrong. They don’t want to see just ANY “work done.’ They want to see some GOOD work done, which they almost gave up on ever seeing again during the last six years. They don’t want to see the kind of “work done” that HE gets done. As usual, he has deluded himswelf that the Republicans need to “bend to his will” in order to get anywhere. He’s as incompetent as ever, and doesn’t know it.

“NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND”: Obama has said, many times, that he is not going to send any “boots on the ground” to fight ISIS. So what did he just announce? That he is sending several thousand “boots” with soldiers in them to Iraq. As usual, whatever he tells us is a lie. He may have meant it when he said it, in his incompetence. But reality intervened, and now he’s sending the “boots” he promised never to send. Somebody needs to write a book listing all the lies he’s told since he came out from under his rock. But there probably isn’t enough paper in the world to print it.

CREATING A TARGET: Who is the man most hated by Muslim terrorists. everywhere? That’s an easy one: the man who put three bullets in Osama bin Laden’s skull. He recently gave an interview and identified himself on Fox. And I predict that he will spend the rest of his life (maybe a short one) fighting off Muslim terrorist attempts to kill him. Many of the other members of the team that was responsible for bin Laden’s death are already dead, killed in the crash of a helicopter shot down by Islamic terrorists. I don’t know how he expects to stay alive for long. He just painted a target on his own back.

DID THE MIDTERMS KILL HILLARY’S CHANCES? No. She killed her own chances to be elected to anything the other day when she said, categorically, that “corporations did not create jobs.” That showed a COMPLETE IGNORANCE of economics that disqualified her from ANY office that required INTELLIGENCE. I’ve always thought Nancy Peelosi was the most ignorant Democrat in DC, after hearing her crack about Obamacare, that “we had to pass the act into law to find out what’s in it.” But now I’m not so sure

“THE ONLY CHOICE”: At least one Democrat says Hillary is “their only choice for 2016.” Boy, are THEY in trouble! After her crack about “corporations not creating jobs” that revealed her utter IGNORANCE about job creation, she’s not qualified to be elected DOGCATCHER, much less President of the United States. If she’s their only choice, I actually feel sorry for them—and yet, I have no pity. If Hillary is their only choice, the ranks are pretty thin.

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