Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Pardoning" the Turkeys

Every year, the president (whoever he is) “pardons” two turkeys in a big, touted ceremony that probably cost us a lot of money and gains us nothing. Meanwhile, other turkeys were killed so he could EAT turkey for Thanksgiving. What they don’t tell us is those turkeys are BRED to be eaten. They’re so overweight, most of them die anyway, within a year. Most of them have. Like morbidly overweight people die early because of the effect of so much weight on their systems. By the way: what is he “pardoning” them for? What crime did they commit for which he is “pardoning” them? It’s a silly thing to do, but it’s government, and autocrats doing it. What can I say?

PARDONING TURKEYS? Speaking of “pardoning turkeys,” probably the only reason Obama is still around is that we “pardon turkeys,” since he is the best known TURKEY in Washington. For that matter, where does he get off pardoning turkeys, being one, himself? I’ve always thought the idea of a president “pardoning” a turkey was pretty stupid, and this time, with a turkey PARDONING turkeys, it becomes hilarious. Of course, politicians can’t tell the difference. It’s a “routine ritual” for them to “pardon” turkeys who are going to die soon, anyway. They don’t know why they do it, it’s just something that’s always been done, so they keep doing it.

THE FREEZE AGAIN: Scientists” have been worried about global warming, when for the last, almost 20 years the globe has NOT been warming. About 30 years ago they were all nervous about “the coming ice age.” Global COOLING, in other words. Time Magazine did a big writeup about it. I have a copy in my files. It had charts and everything. Now they’re AGAIN worried about “global COOLING.” Can’t they make up their minds? If it’s not “warming,” it’s “cooling.” Personally, I think it’s one way to keep their funding up. As long as we’re worried about SOMETHING, we’ll keep sending them money.

THE MAKING OF A MARTYR: They’re now trying to make a martyr of that giant thug who was killed doing what thugs do—trying to kill a cop, after a strong-arm robbery. Now they’ve even got photo buttons with his picture on them for demonstrators to wear while looting, stealing, and killing, and promoting racism for Obama. If it keeps up, Obama will have the “race war” he so fervently wants, so he can take advantage of it to move us even closer to socialism. I recently read an article titled, “13 Things You Didn’t Know About Michael Brown,” which was a bunch of drivel containing nothing of interest. An obvious attempt by the media to “deify” a big thug who got his earnings.

ISIS FOUNDER WAS AT GITMO: This is just ONE former GITMO prisoner who has not only returned to the fight for Jihad, he has become a LEADER who is responsible for THOUSANDS of deaths after being RELEASED by Obama in his quest to close GITMO. I’ve said before that Obama is a “fellow traveler” with the Islamic terrorists, and he proves it every day by what he DOES regarding them. Whenever something comes up regarding them, he decides in their favor.

RELEASING MORE MURDERERS: Obama appears to be gaining his goal to close GITMO, by releasing ALL the murderers and swelling the ranks of terrorists, worldwide. I guess he thinks people who kill people because they don’t believe the way they think they should, should not be punished, but should be let loose so they can go back and kill some more Americans. Not only has he released HUNDREDS of terrorists, but also he hasn’t imprisoned a SINGLE Islamic terrorist since he was elected. He’s a terrorist himself, and wants to help them every way he can without breaking his cover.

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