Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yet Another Cease-Fire

Israel has agreed to yet ANOTHER cease-fire with Hamas, and have removed their troops from Gaza. What’s it going to take for Israel to learn that cease-fires only benefit Hamas? That every time they agree to one, they lose ground in their defensive war with Hamas? The hope is, while the cease-fire is in effect, they can come to some sort of an agreement with Hamas to END the war. That’s never gonna happen. All Hamas wants is the “cessation of existence” of Israel and the DEATH of ALL Jews, wherever they are. There can be NO agreement to this. The only way to end the war is to KILL all Palestinian combatants.

CONDEMNING SELF-DEFENSE: That’s what Obama is doing when he condemns Israel’s destruction of all those Hamas “secret tunnels” into Israel territory so they can no longer use them to “get closer” to their Israel targets. This is simple self-defense, and in no way should be condemned by INTELLIGENT people. Apparently there are NO intelligent people in the White House. If there were, they would not take this direction, that is “second-guessing” Israel, which is something Netanyahu warned Obama against.

OBAMA’S “HISSY FIT”: The other day, in a speech, he told the GOP to “stop the hating” and come work with him. To do what? Impose HIS ideas on the nation? He calls Congress a “do-nothing Congress” because nothing seems to be getting done on his ideas because of GOP opposition. Funny: I thought the GOP was in the MINORITY and couldn’’t block ANYTHING without the help of DEMOCRATS in Congress. Meanwhile, Congress IS a “do-nothing Congress” because all 350 of the bills passed in the Republican-controlled House are still sitting on Harry Reid’s desk. The “hating” is all on Obama’s side.

STUPID REASONING: CBS’s Gayle King says, “Unless illegal aliens are doing something illegal, leave them alone.” How STUPID is this? They’re ILLEGAL! They’re “doing something illegal” just by BEING here! Is there some kind of “stupid pill” CBS commentators take? Or are they just NATURALLY stupid? And it’s not confined to CBS. Commentators on other liberal media sites say similar stupidities. How can they claim to be “neutral journalists” when they make comments like this?

PHONY IMPEACHMENT SCAM: Is anybody wondering why ONLY Democrats are talking about impeachment? Why they WOULD push the idea? They only remember the failed attempt to get rid of Clinton that was stopped by an all-Democrat Senate. Just as they only remember the Goldwater fiasco, completely ignoring the fact that Reagan TWICE was elected by LANDSLIDES. That’s because it proved that an unapologetic CONSERVATIVE could be able to “eat the lunch” of the Democrats.

PAY ATTENTION TO POLITICS! Politics WILL pay attention to YOU! That’s something most Americans don’t realize, and it is going to result in them being enslaved in the same way Russia was. The media IGNORED the “pipe dreams” of Lenin and let him gain power until he was in TOTAL control. Then Russians suffered under what he created for 75 years! The same thing is happening here and I can’t seem to get ignorant Americans to open their eyes and realize it. Ignoring politics is like ignoring a pickpocket while he steals your wallet. Only problem is, the liberals aren’t stealing ONLY your wallet, they’re stealing your FREEDOM!

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