Monday, August 25, 2014

Ban Al Sharpton

Wherever Al Sharpton goes, violence ensues. It’s no different in Ferguson, MO, where he is doing his best to “whip up” more violence. He is even now trying to arrange a demonstration he SAYS will be a “peaceful” demonstration. But when it becomes not so “peaceful,” he will declare his innocence, saying he INTENDED it to be “peaceful.” Jesse Jackson does pretty much the same thing, though not as effectively. Wherever there is a possibility of racial violence, there you’ll find these two “race whores,” fomenting more violence. This should be recognized, and these two (and some others) should be DECLARED “rabble-rousers” and BANNED from appearing at such places. Freedom of speech should not apply to such racketeers.

IT’S NOT ABOUT HIS GOLF GAMES: It’s about WHEN he chooses to play golf instead of be president. Five minutes after he made a “rote” five minute speech about the beheading of an American journalist, he was changed and on the links, yukking it up and grinning like a fool with his buddies. Eisenhower played a lot of golf, too. But he didn’t do it INSTEAD of what he SHOULD be doing as president. If Obama didn’t play golf so often and take enumerable “vacations,” I wouldn’t complain. I’d be happy if he STAYED on vacation if he couldn’t screw up my life while he is, and he didn’t spend MY money to do it. But when he does, he spends millions of taxpayer dollars for his own protection to do it. That’s even if he DOES reimburse them for the basic COSTS of the vacation.

YOU DON’T “LEAD FROM THE REAR”: Obama says he does, but you know Obama. Anything he says is going to be a LIE. He couldn’t tell the truth if it hit him in the nose. Every president (and most politicians) lie. But other than Obama, I haven’t seen one who lies every time he opens his mouth or puts pen to paper. Maybe Clinton. He lied a lot. But I wasn’t paying as much attention then, so I can’t say for sure. But “leading from the rear” is a “fool’s errand.” He THINKS “leading from the rear” is a new idea, but it’s only an excuse for not being out front where you could get hurt.

CONDUCT BOMB RAIDS IN SYRIA? Yes! Absolutely! ISIS is using Syria as a “safe harbor” where they recruit, train, and re-supply their fools. It’s the same reason we invaded Iraq, and “took down” Saddam in the first place (Something liberals STILL insist was a useless war). But then they’re dumb as a box of hammers.). The terrorists POSE as “rebels,” but they’re anti-Christian Islamic terrorists who behead CHILDREN. They need to be “cleaned out,” this time, for GOOD; and this time, without warning. Bush gave them ten months of warning before he invaded, which added a couple of days to the job.

“IRAQ NOT INVOLVED”: I keep saying members of this administration are INCOMPETENT. One of the best illustrations of that is that liberals all over say Bush invading Iraq was wrong because Iraq was “not involved” in attacking the World Trade Center. WRONG! What the hell do they think that “mockup” of an airplane body was but something terrorists used to train for 9/11?  Saddam was running a “safe harbor” for Islamic terrorists and that NEEDED to be “taken out.” Anybody who says otherwise is DELUDED. But “delusion” describes most liberals (Democrats). All they can see is their efforts to make this a socialist country.

NO “AIR STRIKES” IN IRAQ: It’s just not enough. “Targeted” air strikes have an effect, yes; but do nothing to solve the overall problem CREATED when Obama ordered our troops to “cut and run” before the job was done. That was one of the most MONUMENTAL mistakes any president EVER made. Terrorists were just waiting for us to leave, so they could come back and take back what we took from them, and they did. Now we need to go in and “wipe them out,” wherever they HIDE.

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