Sunday, August 31, 2014

Air Strikes Aren't Enough!

Obama makes a “big thing” out of his “air strikes” against ISIS, but even while they might be doing SOME good, they aren’t doing ANYTHING to destroy the Islamic fools. Instead of blowing up a single pickup truck full of deluded thugs who just like to rape and murder, he needs to go after their COMMAND STRUCTURE. Take out the HEAD, and the snake will die. But he doesn’t want to do that, because he is “in league” with them. He wants them to ultimately come here and “take over” (Yeah, I know. He’s as deluded as they are) while he becomes the “caliph.” He doesn’t know he will die as soon as they “take over.”

ISLAMISTS “SECURE” US EMBASSY: Islam is bragging about having “secured” an American embassy in Tripoli, Libya. Big deal! They “took over” an ABANDONED building that used to be PART of the US Embassy complex after we abandoned it. What an accomplishment! The building was supposed to be “protected” by a local “security” outfit that turned out not to be there, although they sent their bills on a regular basis while we paid them without question. This is how we do business. We pay people to do things they don’t do so we can PRETEND we’re doing something toward “security.”

ARE WE “AT WAR?” Absolutely! Although that incompetent fool in the White House “disputes” that, while “the enemy” beheads American journalists and small children, and generally kills people at will, all the while saying their main goal is America. How long will these subhuman fools be allowed to continue to rape, torture, behead and murder before we “take them out? We can, if Obama will just start taking them seriously and let us “go after” them with common sense “rules of engagement,” which, up to now, he has not done.

‘HAWKISH TENDENCIES”: Liberals like to belittle people who want to “fight back” when people attack us by calling us “hawks,” and referring to “our hawkish tendencies.” If, by that, they mean our tendency to “hit back” when people attack us, I’m guilty. I don’t call is “hawkish tendencies” though. I call it COMMON SENSE to defend myself with everything I’ve got, when attacked. To liberals: don’t minimize our tendency to defend ourselves. In doing so, we defend YOU, too. Without us, you’d have been dead a long time ago. So just shut up and let us be “hawks.”

IT’S ABOUT TIME: Obama doesn’t believe the Islamic terrorists are a “clear and present danger” to the United States. His “blinders” are going to become a serious problem as the Islamic terrorists (under whatever name they choose to operate) get stronger and stronger after recruiting and training many more fools. They tell us they WANT to die killing “unbelievers,” but they’re lying. If it were true, they’d just stand up and let us kill them, instead of striking “soft targets” and then “running for cover” like roaches when you turn on a light. It’s about time he woke up and started really fighting back. Before it’s too late.

TONY’S COMING BACK: Tony Stewart, whose car struck and killed another competitor who was walking on the track, forcing cars to swerve to avoid striking him, is going to race today after staying away for two weeks. My personal opinion is that Tony did NOT strike this driver on purpose. It has been my experience (as a former race driver) that sprint cars on dirt are very hard to suddenly swerve left or right and, what I saw was that Tony TRIED to do so. I’m sorry for the driver who died, but I wish Tony well in resuming his career.

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