Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hating the Constitution

The liberals hate the constitution because it LIMITS the powers of government. Liberals want an “all-powerful” government, so they can CONTROL every facet of your life. They go out of their way to try and belittle it by saying it is an OLD document that is no longer relevant, even though it it still the BASIS of ALL our laws. They can’t escape that as long as it still exists—and it will continue to exist as long as ONE guy like me exists and can help stop their attempts to dismiss it.

EBOLA AND OPEN BORDERS: What could POSSIBLY go wrong? The government tells us we are completely safe. That there is NO WAY Ebola could come here and become an epidemic. They also told us the doctors working on it in Africa were completely safe because they “took precautions.” What? Why then, did TWO of those doctors contract Ebola, and why were they brought to America? So they could use that “experimental” treatment on them without having to answer to Africans who are mad because it wasn’t used for THEM, too? Our government’s FIRST ACTION is always to LIE to us, on everything. So now, I don’t believe ANYTHING they say, ever, about ANYTHING.

WHY GIVE OUR SECRETS TO THE ENEMY? The world press is giving Israel a hard time because they refuse to “share” their “iron dome” technology with their ENEMIES, with whom they are STILL at war. Did WE “share” our atomic bomb technology with Japan before we used it to end the second world war? Yes, it WAS “shared” with Russia later, by the Rosenbergs, who were executed as spies. Why the HELL should Israel “share” their best defense tool with their enemies? People who demand that are INSANE! What kinds of FOOLS are there in the media?

STOPPING PUTIN: Putin is trying to bring back the old Soviet Union, that is plain. He’s using the same tactics Russia used in the beginning to bring countries surrounding Russia “into the fold” by PRETENDING what he’s doing is “for the benefit of Russian people living there.” It was successful before, and he thinks it can be successful again, bringing one country after another into the Russian sphere of influence until it has regained the strength it lost when it collapsed. We need to take steps to STOP him while he is still somewhat weak. If we allow Russia to gain enough strength, it will be to our detriment.

GAFFE MACHINE STRIKES AGAIN! Joe Biden just can’t open his mouth without showing his abysmal ignorance, it seems. He did it again when, in a recent speech, he referred to Africa as a “nation” several times. Apparently the Vice President of the United States doesn’t have any idea that Africa is MADE UP of MANY nations. He thinks it is just ONE nation. It would seem to me that the second most powerful politician in America ought to have SOME knowledge of geography. But apparently Obama doesn’t require knowledge OR intelligence in his VP. Or maybe LACK of it is a requirement.

TAXING SUGAR: Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) recently introduced a bill to tax every spoonful of sugar (or sugar substitute) a penny each. She says the purpose is to reduce sugar consumption through taxation. That’s what MOST liberals want to do: tell you what you can and cannot do by taxing it. Soon, they’ll lay a specific tax on every RUBBER used, knowing most people can’t stop using them. They’re already taxing cow farts and are working on taxing other kinds of farts. The ultimate goal is taxing every fart that happens. We need to get rid of ALL those Democrat fools!

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