Saturday, August 9, 2014

Obama Says Nothing

The other day, Gen. Harold Greene was murdered by an Afghan wearing a "friendly" uniform. He is the first GENERAL to be killed since Vietnam. But Obama has said not a single word about it. He doesn't even acknowledge that it happened. What the HELL is wrong with him? Does he hate the military so much the murder of a top military officer means NOTHING to him? Not only that, Mexico has a "former" MARINE in PRISON for a minor "offense" caused by their own incompetent sign placement, and he says nothing about that, either.

SHADES OF "ATLAS SHRUGGED": Ayn Rand predicted many things in her landmark book, "Atlas Shrugged." One was making common sense actions dictated by the overreach of government illegal. So now some people are advocating making companies like Walgreen's moving their main offices outside the United States illegal, or forcing them to sign "loyalty oaths." Instead of doing something to make our taxes not the highest in the world, they punish people who move out to avoid paying them because they can't afford it.

WOMEN SMARTER THAN MEN: That's what Michelle Obama thinks, anyway. She said it in national television. What an arrogant jerk she is! Apparently she's not too smart to have not actually SAID that, no matter what she thinks. But then, she thinks she's smarter than ANYBODY. Stupid people don't know they're stupid and they think they're the smartest person in the room. I'll be glad when we get a REAL First Lady.  And that has nothing to do with her color. It has to do with her lack of INTELLIGENCE, black, white, or PURPLE.

OBAMA OKAYS IRAQ AIR STRIKES; What a MINIMAL response that is to the crimes against mankind committed by ISIS, which is going around beheading innocent CHILDREN, raping their mothers in front of the rest of the family, and demanding that Christians convert or DIE! What a novel way to make theirs the "fastest growing religion in the world." Maybe nobody told them you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. They may SAY they're converts to stay alive, but they will never BE, inside their minds. Obama needs to get together with other countries and go into Iraq with an OVERWHELMING force, so as to DESTROY ISIS, and any other Islamic terrorist bunch that crawls out from under a rock.

ISIS THREATENS AMERICA: In an illustration of the kind of arrogance that causes an ant to run up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind, ISIS (the new terrorist organization in Iraq) says, "We will raise the flag of Allah over the White House." They'll have to pull it out of their butts first. These arrogant fools can only beat ignorant people, which is why they work hard to keep Muslims (especially women ignorant. Obama is as ignorant as they are, which is why it seems to them as if they are making progress. They may continue to do so until they run into some REAL opposition. They haven't yet. Not with Obama in the WH.

IT MUST REALLY BE HARD: It must really be hard for Obama to admit he made a mistake in telling his troops to "cut and run" from Iraq. But I'm sure he has twisted the facts in his mind many ways so as not to have to admit he's wrong, in Iraq, AND in Afghanistan. Many thousands of innocent Muslim deaths would be on his conscience (if he had one, which I doubt), including the Christian CHILDREN Muslim terrorists are BEHEADING in front of their mothers before raping these women in front of the rest of their families. then killing them all.

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