Friday, August 8, 2014

Restaurant Caves

Didja hear about that restaurant that was giving 15% discounts to people who PRAYED over their food before eating? That pissed off the atheists, who threatened them with a lawsuit of they didn’t rescind it. So they did. I guess today, it’s who is quickest to SUE that makes the rules. What if I sued the atheists for NOT praying over their food? In any case, if I owned that restaurant, I’d tell them to screw off. They don’t make the rules for MY restaurant. Sue me and be DAMNED!

“BOUND BY THE CONSTITUTION”: Obama has found something he doesn’t WANT to do, I guess, so now he tells people he is “bound by the Constitution.” What about when he “goes around congress” by “making law” by Executive Orders? The only body that CAN “make laws” is the Constitution. By LAW, Obama can only agree or disagree with their wishes; and they with his. He is NOT their boss. He calls them “lazy” because they don’t “obey his orders,” which they are NOT “bound to do.” He says, “The American people don’t want me to stand around twiddling my thumbs waiting for Congress to act.” But that’s exactly what they DO want. He has no legal right to do anything else!

WORST IDEA EVER: That’s Obama’s idea to unilaterally get out of Iraq without completely destroying the Islamic terrorists. I predicted when he did that they would “come back” with all guns blazing, and they have. They are now about to take over one of the biggest Christian cities in Iraq and kill as many Christians as they can. They’ve already killed Christians by the thousands, all over Iraq. They're beheading CHILDREN, fergawdsake! And raping women in front of their families before killing them. The Islamic terrorists are not human, but I hesitate to call them animals to avoid insulting animals. They’re worst than that, and deserve NO consideration when caught.

MUSLIM “MARRIES” 7-YEAR-OLD”: I recently saw a picture that made me physically ill. It was of a Muslim man showing off his new “wife,” a frightened 7-year-old girl. What really makes me ill is the fact that this is not only NOT illegal in most Muslim countries, it is so COMMON that it’s not even news any more. And these people criticize us because we don’t require our women to go about in what amounts to a TENT. These people are an abomination on the Earth and need to be eliminated. Not your average Muslim, just the ones who AGREE with this.

OBAMA “WEIGHS” AIR STRIKES: He’s “weighing” the possibility of sending in air strikes to help Iraqis who are being massacred by ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), which is the new name for the Islamic murderers now taking over in Iraq AND Syria after Obama told his troops to “cut and run” without completely destroying the Muslim terrorists first. I wonder how long he will “weigh” this decision? Long enough to make it into another major war to accomplish it? Damn, it really frosts me to have such a STUPID man sitting in the Oval Office!

MORALE VERY LOW: The morale in the Border Patrol is very low today, mostly because they have to stand by with their thumbs in the usual place while tens of thousands of illegal aliens flow into the United States because Obama won’t allow them to enforce the border control laws. I don’t blame them. I didn’t think much of their involvement in the Elian Gonzales case (sending the 6-year-old escapee back to Castro’s “island prison” in Cuba), but they really ought to be allowed to do their jobs, or just “shut it down.” I’m waiting for the Muslim terrorists flowing through our spongy borders to start killing Americans, which I will blame on Obama.

“SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: Democrats insist we “cooperate” with them. But to them, “cooperation” means “surrender.” Obama calls Congress “lazy” because they won’t pass his silly “flights of fancy” into law. He says they are a “do-nothing Congress” because few bills have been passed into law lately. What he fails to mention is the 350 bills the House has sent to the Senate which are still sitting on Harry Reid’s desk with NO action. To them, “cooperation” is “knuckling under” to their ideas.

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