Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Children "Storming" Our Border

People wonder why, all of a sudden, our borders are being “stormed” by hordes of South American CHILDREN from several countries, which has created quite a problem for us. The “problem was CREATED by Obama’s assurances to them that all they had to do was “step foot on U. S. territory and they would NOT be sent back. They once told us the children were “fleeing gang violence at home,” but they was a lie. There’s as much “gang violence” in American cities as there is in their homeland, so it’s something else. We know what it is, it’s Obama’s stupidity.

OBAMA’S “FRIEND” IN HAWAII GONE: Democrat Hawaiian Governor Abercrombie was a “pivotal figure” in the “Obama birth certificate fraud” case. Without evidence, he went out of his way to “certify” that phony “birth certificate” that was an easily identifiable forgery. It was his influence that made that case “ go away. Now he has been defeated in the PRIMARIES and can no longer run for re-election. It’s the first time in Hawaii history that an INCUMBENT has lost in the primaries. Could that “certification” of a phony birth certificate have created a “subset” of loss of confidence in him that led to his “takedown?

ROBIN WILLIAMS’ “SUICIDE?” Robin Williams is dead. And that’s probably the only NOT funny thing he ever did. Williams did not need a script. Jokes popped out of his head like popcorn out of a popper. He was one of the funniest comedians around. He could get a belly laugh out of a facial expression. But he was depressed all lhis life. Why? What did he have to be depressed about? He was at the top of his game. Yes, he had drug and alcohol problems, But they were not the CAUSE of his depression, they were but a symptom. Why did he kill himself? (If he did) We may never know,

UNCONSTITUTIONAL AIR ATTACKS: As usual, Obama is operating without constitutional approval when he sends American jets into Iraq to bomb ISIS troops. No, I’m not condemning him for doing something to mitigate his INCOMPETENCE in abruptly leaving Iraq with the job undone. What I AM condemning is his METHOD. He might say this is just a “continuation of the war Congress originally approved, but that’s wrong. That permission ENDED when he DECLARED the war “over.” This is predictable Obama. He does what he WANTS to do, DESPITE the law or the Constitution.

ISIS HIDING AMONG CIVILIANS: Now there’s SOME opposition to their advance in Iraq, ISIS id doing what they usually do, hiding among civilians, making them harder to find and kill. This is a common thing for Islamic terrorists (cowards) to do. They fire MISSILES from civilian apartment complexes, hospitals, schools, etc. in Palestinian territory of Israel and “cry foul” when Israel bombs the sites THEY chose, so Israel could not AVOID killing civilians. That’s their “modus operandi.” They use this scam all over the world, and get lots of kids killed.

A QUESTION FOR OBAMA: In Israel, somebody left a sign with a question Obama needs to answer (but, of course, he won’t). “President Barack Obama: would you give the order to cease fire when missiles are raining down on YOUR children’s heads?” Obama will not answer that question, because he can’t. So he will condemn the people ASKING it, and call them “racists.” That’s how he gets out of answering “tough questions.”

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