Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ten Killed, Forty Wounded

What is that? A “weekend in Chicago.” It’s becoming so common, people aren’t even thinking about it, any more. Except for people like me, who see it as ample evidence that today’s brand of “gun control” does NOT work, and is more likely to get people killed. Disarming honest people is NOT the way to self-defense, and the anti-gun fools know it. They’ve been told often enough. But they reject such common sense out of hand because it does not conform to their pre-conceived notions.

MORE BLACKS THAN WHITES: This is not a diatribe against blacks. Most black people are simply honest, hard-working people trying their best to support their families and liver their lives unbothered by other blacks, who have chosen a life of crime and won’t let them alone. Liberals whine about there being a bigger percentage of black prisoners in prison than the percentage of blacks in society. They ignore the unalterable fact that there is a higher percentage of black CRIMINALS than whites, which accounts for the higher percentage of blacks in prison for their crimes. Of course, they’ll call me racist for pointing this truth out.

JUST PROVED (AGAIN) WHAT THEY ARE: By kidnapping and beheading an American Journalist (again) they have proven themselves to be what whey ARE: hooligans, thieves, rapists, and murderers—not soldiers. They RAPE every woman they can get their hands on (some men, too), behead CHILDREN, who are of no danger to them, sometimes after raping them, too. They round up Christians by the hundreds, even thousands, and rape and murder them, too. Why? Because they don’t believe in the same God they do. These sub-humans need to be shot on sight like the vicious sub-humans they are, not treated like soldiers in a war.

TERRORIST’S BIG MISTAKE: They wanted to piss us off—and they did--big time, when they beheaded one of our journalists after beheading little girls wearing pretty dresses. What kind of sub-humans ARE they to do such things? This is NOT “warfare,” it is thuggery. The things these terrorists do aren’t done by human beings. When a bear hurts a human, we kill it. And that’s what we need to do to EVERY sub-human bastard who thinks he’s “doing God’s work” by killing innocents. Don’t send them to GITMO to be released one day by our STUPID president in return for the release of ONE deserter.

BACK TO GOLF: Even as people (from out of town) riot in Ferguson, MO and the Palestinians (Hamas) ignore their own “cease-fire” and shell Israel yet again, and the world “goes to hell in a handbasket, Obama rushes back to the golf course where he had a great time, yukking it up and dancing around with his golf buddies. When is this fool going to realize what he does has consequences? The DEMOCRATS themselves are “incensed” over what’s happening in Ferguson, and he is “blissfully unaware” of it, as he seems to be to ALL his “crises.”

ANOTHER VICTORY: Obama has admitted to the world that he sent in a “rescue mission” for the journalist who was being held by the sub-human terrorists, and who was subsequently beheaded. I guess he thought that would be good for his image. It was NOT. It revealed yet again that the terrorists had “beaten us,” and gave them yet another “victory” to brag about. Letting this out proves yet again his INCOMPETENCE. If we are ever to beat the terrorists, we need a better “commander.” Someone who KNOWS what he’s doing.

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